Character Details
Aneurin Barnard
Aneurin Barnard as Ser Tameron Sand
Name: Ser Tameron Sand
Aliases: Tam
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Dayne
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Feb 22 103 (18)


Dark brown, curling hair is slightly shaggy and frames a tan face with high cheekbones and a square jaw. This young man's wide almond eyes are set beneath thick, straight brows. His eye color seems to shift, depending on the lighting and his mood. Sometimes his eyes appear dark and brownish, and sometimes a deep, blue-tinged green. His nose is long and sharp, but just straight enough to avoid being 'hawkish'. His lips are rather full and set above a chin with the faintest hint of a cleft.

At only 5'9", he's not a very tall fellow and his limbs still hold a little adolescent gangliness. Though he is of leaner build, this young man's muscles are well-honed, and there's no spare fat on him. He tends to favor simple clothes with looser cuts. He usually wears neutral colors, browns, grays and creams, unless circumstance demands he dons the purple and white of House Dayne.


Little is known of Tameron Sand before he was taken in by Ser Osric Dayne. Though he calls himself 'Sand', he has never offered a tale as to his parentage nor to his life before becoming a part of Osric's household. What is known is that the boy came from Sunspear with Osric one day, more than half-starved, fevered and nearly falling off the knight's horse. After he recovered from his illness, he was given a chance to prove himself to the Ser, and it seems he must have done, as he became Osric's squire. He was fifteen, then, and it was clear someone had been training him before the Sword of the Morning took him on, but Tameron never offered up that story, either.

Now eighteen, he has just recently gotten his spurs, and if one went purely by ability, there are those that might argue the boy should have already had them a year ago. But, there is more to being a knight than swinging a sword, and it is in those other areas that Tameron Sand is a little lacking. Though he can recite the Chivalric code as well as any knight and though (in company) he follows the letter of it, the lad has yet to fully grasp the spirit of the thing.

RP Hooks

A member of Ser Osric's Household: Tameron has been with Ser Osric for the past three years, so if your character knew Ser Osric, or knows him now, it's likely s/he knows Tam as well!

Teetotal: Though Tameron doesn't advertise it, and he certainly doesn't preach it, those who are observant and have spent an eve or two in an inn with Tameron might note that he never drinks any alcohol.

Brawler: On the other hand, if the chance arises, Tam's always one of the first to take up the "offer" of a fist fight, and a bruised jaw, blackened eyes and split lips are rather common accessories for him.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Teetotal
  • Bastard
  • Pragmatic
  • Hollow Chivalry
  • Not Religious

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Knight - Osric took Tameron in when he had no one else, made him well and gave him a fresh start. Tameron had great respect and admiration for the knight, and there was little he wouldn't do for him. Osric's death was a hard blow to his former squire.


Princess of Dorne - Tameron finds the Princess Mariya bright and vivacious, but also painfully naive. He's only grateful that the task of protecting her falls to another.


Osric's Widow - With Ser Osric dead and gone, Tameron now serves his widow and her family. Over the years he spent as Ser Osric's squire, Princess Ellia made Tameron feel welcome in her home.


Ally - It seems as if Ser Daevon is sympathetic to the Dornish in the issue of Wickham's Nest, and as the man is both known to be an outstanding warrior as well as a Targaryen, Tameron hopes this alliance may help prove the Dornish (or at least the Martells) innocent of wrongdoing.


Squire - Tameron hadn't exactly planned on a squire, let alone one that could never actually become a knight, but he cannot say as he's sorry he ended up with such. Madgen may not be a good squire, but she is never the less the right squire for Tam.


Fellow Bastard - As both are rather pragmatic individuals with a certain realistic understanding of the situation of their birth, Nadira and Tameron naturally take every opportunity available to rib and affectionately agitate each other.


Osric's Slayer - Ser Quillian killed Ser Osric during the duel of the seven in honorable combat. Tameron does not seek vengeance for this, but neither is he overly fond of the Blackrood. Still, for a man with as beastly a reputation as he has, Ser Quillian conducted himself honorably through the whole affair, and that is something Tameron will remember and respects.


Fellow Bastard - Ser Wyl is a much bigger bastard (in body, not temperament), and of a very different personality to Tameron's own. The young Sand never the less feels a kinship with the large Flowers knight. They have become regular sparring partners and seem to each have respect for the other.


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