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Ellen Hollman
Ellen Hollman as Tamber Greyjoy
Name: Tamber Greyjoy
Aliases: Tam
The Iron Maiden
Sea Banshee
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: Greyjoy
Occupation: Raider
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: May 19 99 (23)


Tamber Greyjoy could have been a beautiful lady in some other court, far away from the waves and the thrill of raiding, waiting for her husband to seed her while she wastes her youth away. Instead the fierce warrior is every inch the terrifying visage of the Ironborn raider, her steely gaze and amused lips nothing short of predatory.

The violent pirate keeps her hair loose and wild, a mane of untamed, dirty-blonde hair only braided here and there to keep her long locks away from her eyes. Tamber doesn't walk, she stalks, she doesn't smile, the woman grins, and she doesn't scream, she roars. The world bows to her, or she will, like the waves, crash onto it until it does.

Tamber is usually dressed in furs and leather that do their best to keep her warm while not getting in the way. The wolf pelt she keeps over her shoulders, adorning her cloak, is quick to remove in case she needs to and her whole right arm is covered in hardened leather plates.


'We do not sow.'

These words have been hammered into Tamber's head since the day she could walk, let alone talk. The girl was to grow up to be a good Stone Wife, to secure a strong alliance for House Greyjoy with another in the Iron Islands, perhaps even amongst one of the other great Noble Houses of the Greenlands. But she would have none of it.

Other girls her age learned how to be a proper seawife, but she learned to sail. They learned heraldry, and she learned to fight. No ironborn woman is likely to ever be called 'soft', but for all she was concerned, Tamber Greyjoy might as well have been a male.

When a suitor was proposed to her and she pressured to accept, she demanded that the boy pay the Iron Price for her hand, and then whipped the Tyrell boy soundly, refusing to marry afterwards despite repeated threats of disownment from her father, Grodan Greyjoy.

To prove herself a true ironborn, Tamber soon after stole a drakkere along with a few rash youths and set sail to prove themselves. As the young and foolish tend to do, they very nearly got themselves killed. Rather than risk having his hellcat daughter embarass him again, Grodan finally allowed Tamber to be truly trained upon the sea, receiving no special treatment like any other sailor. If she wished to be a warrior, she would have to earn it the hard way, as men did.


Cut to ten years later, and Tamber is a successful coastal raider, proven time and again in battle against her foes. She does not sow, she pays the Iron Price for all that is given her, though she heeds her father's decree to keep the King's Peace. …Barely. Kind of skirts around the edges there sometimes.

Raiding the Steps cannot subsist the Iron Islands forever, and Tamber, along with her faithful companion Tyana, and those who sail under them, have been taking their drakkeres further and further eastward, looking for more, for bigger, for better to claim, howling that 'what is dead may never die' any time courage threatens to fail them. This caused them to bring back their greatest prize of all: An Asshai ship, much more capable than the small drakkeres of making such voyages. It was paid for in the Iron Price, and it is now theirs.

Currently the vessel undergoes major refitting in Oldtown, a place that has been decided will make a good base of operations, situated in a prime location to ship spoils back to the Iron Islands and to set sail to the rich east from.

RP Hooks

Boats: Do you like them? Tamber has one! A big one! An Asshai warship recently plundered from the seas of the East.
Piracy: Do you love pirates? Hate them? Tamber pillages and plunders for a living! Maybe you had cargo she stole, or maybe you're looking to join a merry crew of ne'er-do-wells.
Ironborn: Tamber Greyjoy hails form the Iron Islands! Wanna talk seamanship or axing? Wanna get in a measuring contest? Wanna talk about how the Greenlanders are totally lame?
Rude and Crude: She totally is. Maybe she's offended you! Maybe she hasn't yet and you'd like her to. Rivals welcome!
Wild Crew: Has her crew wrecked something of yours in the process of being Ironborn douchebags? Wanna tell them to GTFO?
Greyjoy: Despite her demeanor, she's the daughter of Godan Greyjoy, a highborn lady! Wanna talk highborn lady stuff? Neither does she!


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Ignoble: The one that wins is the one that gets to tell the tale.
  • Arrogant: She isn't some soft Greenlands scrub raised on silver spoons and charity!
  • Short Temper: Not many arguments that can't be settled with an axe. Quick to pay the Iron Price for what she wants.
  • Stubborn: Her head is harder than most opposition.
  • Does Not Sow: She doesn't.

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Tyana Reyne

Tyana Reyne
Sister-in-Arms - Together we will sail the seas and bring misfortune to our enemies and glory to our names! None may stand against us as long as your hand is in mine.


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