Ser Tahl Bracken
Joe Armstrong
Joe Armstrong as Tahl Bracken
Name: Tahl Bracken
Aliases: Nicknames or Aliases
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Bracken
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Feb 24 93 (28)


Tahl doesn't quite live up to the phonetics of his name, though, he's hardly short, at five-foot-ten. He possesses a sort of wiry athleticism in his build. He's fit, but, not to the extent as a labourer or blacksmith. The sort of man who sees routine exercise on his own time. His brown hair is kept short, and hand brushed to the one side; just long enough for hints of a curlier nature to texture it. Otherwise, he's clean shaven, with deceptively young features for a man in the tail end of his twenties. His eyes are light blue and lively; ceaselessly bored with his surroundings, and never quite at rest. Notably, he's missing the ring and pinkie finger from his left hand; and they seem to end quite prematurely at the knuckle.

Tahl wears House Bracken colours - red, with a brown trim - on his jerkin, without including applicable arms. His doublet, beneath it, is quite simply, white. With which he wears dark brown pants and boots.


One son too many, Tahl Bracken is nephew to the ruling lord of House Bracken. And, beyond that, the lastborn member of his nuclear family, with eleven older siblings to his line. Hardly notable, and not at all worth marrying. It was even a matter of some hilarity, at a Bracken hosted feast, when his father, couldn't for the life of him, recall Tahl's name, during the introduction. But, he needn't have worried about it for long. They found a Tully knight by the name of Diran, and sent Tahl off to Riverrun to be a page.

Easily bored and equally ignored, Tahl spent his childhood pulling pranks on the Tullys and their servants. And he suffered a proportionate amount of beatings for his trouble; and the trouble he'd caused. Though, the fact that Diran found these off duty activities so amusing often saved Tahl from the worst of it. At least, up until the end of Tahl's childhood, brought on by the conflict and Dorne.

Diran was called on to fight for the king, in Dorne, and Tahl - then, a squire - was called on to travel with him. There, he'd have made a name for his exploits, with an almost preternatural sense for danger, and ability to avoid it. During the war, Diran utilized Tahl as an early warning system, utilizing his keen senses to seek out ambushes before they'd be caught in them. And though he brought down no Dornishmen of much repute, Tahl was known for his ability to dodge and avoid blows that should have ended him, many times over. And, if it weren't for Diran's horse stepping on, and severing Tahl's pinky and ring finger of his left hand, he'd have left Dorne without so much as a notable wound.

Again, however, Tahl's line overwrote him. He had an older brother lead a renowned charge, one die in a daring last stand, and another who slew a well known Dornish knight in single combat. Tahl exploits, as far as the Bracken name was concerned, were forgotten by all but Diran. With Diran to front him, Tahl earned the title of knight, and gained a small holding in the Riverlands with a few ill earning farms on swampland. As much a consolation prize as any. Tahl opted to visit it only the once, and made his way back to House Bracken, at last. It was his mother who forgot his name, this time around.

He managed a few years of quiet living in the homestead, drinking, and betting, and sparring; living off the meager income kicked up from the farmsteads. Of late, however, the boredom has gotten to be too much, and Stone Hedge is no more a home to him than it had been as a child. He's opted to move to Oldtown, in search of opportunity, at least until he's called on for knightly duties.


Affably Smug
Blissfully Ignored
Perpetually Bored
Spontaneous Gambler
Wealth: Hard Times

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