Character Details
Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless as Sybele
Name: Sybele
Aliases: Red
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Whore
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Feb 6 96 (25)


If this woman has ever seen a day of labor in her life, one wouldn't know it to look at her. Her fair skin is without blemish or scar, clinging smoothly to the shapely form with which she's been blessed. She is at once curvaceous and sturdy, with a slender abdomen blossoming into slightly wider hips. There's taut strength in her arms, even though her hands are not at all rough. Naturally toned, perhaps. Her most obvious trait is her generous bosom, and it's one she invests very little effort into hiding.

If ever there were the archetypal sultry visage, hers might well qualify. Prominent cheekbones draw that much more attention to her naturally upturned lips, which have been painted a baudy crimson. The aforementioned cheeks are dusted with a bit of rouge to either side of her straight nose. Stunning blue eyes add their worth to the picture, wreathed by thick lashes. Her hair is virtually as crimson as the paint upon her lips, and quite long. However, the woman wears it mostly bound atop her head in a stylish fashion, with two curled lengths left free, one to either side of her countenance.

Her dress doesn't exactly give everything away, but neither does it hide much. Dark silk, sumptuous to the touch, clings to her body from the straps about her shoulders all the way down to her ankles. It's low cut in the truest sense, cradling her bosom in a manner clearly intended to advertise. There's more class to the garment than that, fortunately. Underlaid is white lace, and woven through the red silk are intricate patterns of golden thread. Matching slippers cushion her feet. Her toned arms are bare save for a twisted armlet of gold resembling a thin snake. Yet more gold hangs about her neck, links of the metal switching places with dark gemstones, all of it weighted down by a circular bronze pendant.


Sybele was never one for propriety, and that tendency would sculpt much of her life. She was born in Oldtown to a fatherless home and a literal whore of a mother. With that being the only influence in her life, it's no surprise that she took on similar qualities when she grew older and only more beautiful. Sybele's environment, in the roughest part of town, had made her a spitfire who was (by necessity) no small talent with a sword or a thrown dagger. However, she knew the rare value of the body she'd been given from witnessing the whoring trade, and she believed she could surpass her mother with ease. So she did, but the charming idea of being bathed in gems and silk wasn't reality for some time.

Just as with any trade in the world, one must start out as a beginner, and that meant working in the lowest of brothels. It wasn't a pleasant experience, though she did develop a taste for sellswords and warriors in that time. Word spread of her beauty and seductive manner, and before long, she captured the favor of both smallfolk /and/ noblemen. It was the latter who, in their charmed state, saw her to the more respectable brothel in which she now works. She has her silks and her comforts, and in return, she satisfies the brutes of the city with sturdiness and entertains the noblemen with charm and technique. Sybele even has thoughts of being taken as a dedicated courtsan by one among them. One can dream.

Since moving up just slightly in the world, Sybele's fame and talent have made her a valuable commodity for the madame. She receives perhaps a bit more than others working in the establishment and certainly wants for very little in return for her hard work. Her abilities don't begin and end in the brothel, however. Sybele's way of manipulating men makes her a valuable weapon in the information trade, and many lips on the street whisper valuable rumors into her ears. She sells this knowledge in turn to those who would seek it, expanding either her favor or the piles of coin in her coffers.

RP Hooks

  • Sybele is famed for being a gifted whore of exquisite beauty and skill. Although she's popular with the nobility, she started her career catering to brutes and sellswords, and she tends to still favor their company.
  • Oft neglected by other members of her trade is the fact that regular customers have loose tongues. Sybele hears things, and likes to hear other things in turn. She's part of a thriving information trade which is goes understood but unspoken of by her clients.
  • Sybele's out for herself when it comes down to it, whether for business or pleasure. She's a schemer of great talent and has a way of getting what she wants, whether through methods of the flesh or otherwise.


  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Famous: Gifted Whore
  • Charismatic
  • Stunning Beauty
  • Clever Schemer
  • Tough

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