Dichen Lachman
Dichen Lachman as Sun/Vēzos
Name: Sun/Vēzos
Aliases: Vēzos the Ruthless, The Beast of Meereen, The Painless Woman of Ghis, the Sharp Eye of the Night
Faction: Essos
Organization: None
Occupation: Sellsword
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Dec 11 91 (30)


A woman of thirty years with an uncommon look about her. She is narrow-figured, held together by wiry muscles. Her skin is tan, enlivened by an undertone of amber. Hair, the darkest of earth browns, bears a glint of red. Half of her face is cast in darkness by an odd black veil, affixed to her hair via coppery clips and a carved bone comb, and hanging just past her jaw. There are hints in her appearance toward the mixed blood of the modern Ghiscari empire, but others speak of blood from places even more unknown to Westeros than the sands of Essos. Her visible eye — the right — is narrow and sharp at the corners, lid smooth without a fold, and the iris is nearly black. Other than severely prominent cheekbones and a long, rigidly defined nose — which looks like it may have been broken a time or two — the planes of her face are markedly flat, coming to a point at her chin. Her lips are thin, angular, and dull.

The right side of her hair is a long braid reminiscent of a twined horsetail. Three more whiplike braids fall behind her, down her back on a scraggly bed of loose hair. All begin close to her hairline, wound so tightly her scalp is revealed.

Over closely fitted black trousers, she wears a red-brown brigandine and a long tunic to her knees — crafted for someone taller than her 5'7" — with travel-worn embroidered squares for decoration. It's lashed at the waist with leather, which holds dusty pouches and sheaths for small blades; one for a longer weapon is strapped to her back. Cuts tear up the sides of the tunic, giving her even more freedom than the loose garment already provides. Her boots are a piecemeal of supple and tougher leather, soft in the sole and strengthened at the calves. She has small, lone pauldrons, lithe arms otherwise bare of armour or clothing up to her elaborately tooled leather vambrances. Strips of once white fabric don her elbows, wrists, and around her knuckles like bandages, snugly wrapped and marked peculiarly by orange circles at every joint.


It is said in the continent of Essos — by few who care to recall such distant whispers in the sand, but it is said — that in roughly the year 100 A.C., a girl was found burning under the raging heat of the sun in the Red Waste, east of Meereen. It is said that despite her peeling skin, she felt no pain; and that she was named Vezos ("Sun") by those who found her, and would become Vezos the Ruthless, The Beast of Meereen, The Painless Woman of Ghis, the Sharp Eye of the Night, a fighter, a mercenary. But first, a child, then a killer, then both.

It is said that in roughly the year 116 A.C., a woman was found burning under the moon in the Red Waste, surrounded by bodies. It is said that despite her wretchedly burned skin, she felt no pain; and that she was re-interpreted "Sun", in the common tongue, by those who found her.


Burned Eye Follower of the Lord of Light
Immune to Pain Our Lady Justice
Unconventional Manner Wealth: Poor

RP Hooks

For Hire Sun's sharp skills as a sellsword and spy can be hired out. Just because you want her services does not mean she will give them, but one can try. Or may have in the past.
Lord of Light Those who love or hate R'hllor will spark interest. She is known to travel with an Asshai'i man affiliated with the Red Priests named Talamon.
Out of Meereen Tales of Sun, known then by other names, were more prominent in far away in Meereen and the port cities of Essos. She may have known slaves there from 100 A.C. from 116 A.C. and travelled with various sellsword companies on that continent.
Bloody Past (and Present) Is it rumoured that a hooded figure, strange woman sellsword, or Vēzos the Ruthless killed your friend? Your kin?
Hunting for Healers Sun is looking for folk who are skilled in the ways of herbs and healing.

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