Gashlycrumb is the game owner, theme and RP wizard, and general policy-making and plot thing. It also does the tech stuff that it knows how to cope with, a reasonable and ever growing bit of it. This is the staffmember you should be talking to. If it doesn't appear to be awake, use +request.

You can email it at moc.liamg|bogbmurcylhsag#moc.liamg|bogbmurcylhsag.

In the real world, Gashlycrumb is an underemployed archivist and a human being.

Others on the staff list are either utility bits, part-time assistance or emergency/project-specific code help. They will not harm you.


Gashlycrumb is actually really mellow, and it's okay to ask what the heck's going on with your +request, or warn it that something wonky is going on, or anything else. It'll just listen to you, or ask you not to ask so often, or tell you it won't be able to do something until x-time, or the like. You're not likely to get snapped at unless you ignore a 'sorry, not now' reply or are prone to reading snappiness into stuff.

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