Character Details
Janet Montgomery
Janet Montgomery as Sonya Cuy
Name: Sonya Cuy
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Cuy
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Feb 8 103 (19)


A young woman who appears to be in her late teen years, likely around eighteen or nineteen. Fair skin is quite pale in its shade and smooth and flawless to look at. Thick curls of deep black cover the top of her head and reach down, falling in loose ringlets across her shoulders and all the way down her back to her waist. Those dark curls are left free and unbound falling down her shoulders and back. The hair of her bangs is just as long and pushed apart to reveal her forehead and a pair of trimmed low set black eyebrows. Large doe-like brown eyes with thick dark lashes are set below those brows. The lashes are thick and flutter lightly whenever she happens to blink. Shaped like a heart her face is blessed with soft feminine features. Her nose is straight and small and reaches down between her eyes coming to a gentle point and then stopping a few inches from her lips. Those lips are full and pouty with just a hint of a dark red gloss to accent them. A slender neck leads down to a body that is just a touch above average in height. That body is a nice mixture of healthy muscles and soft curves. Slender arms and shoulders have just the barest hint of visible muscle tone to them, large pale breasts are often highlighted somewhat by her gowns and her slender waist is often pulled in further and accented as well. Her legs are long and toned and often covered by a full flowing skirt. Small feet and hands would be considered dainty to most and her nails are kept clean and neatly manicured.

The dress for today is a deep shimmering black silk. The back of the gown is high and the front low revealing a teasing glimpse of her full breasts. Above the square cut of the dresses neckline is a triple string of ebony beads resting about her neck and collarbone above the line of the dress. The front of this dress is laced on with thick black silk ribbons that tie into a neat bow at the top where the strings meet. The sleeves are fitted from the shoulders down to her forearms where the silk thins and fans out a bit in a flared fashion that reaches to just above her wrist. The way the dress fits accents her curves and breasts, pushing her breasts up and out and her already slim waist further in. Then the skirt flares out full and flowing to reach down her legs. The skirt is sectioned and mulilayered covering her feet almost completely those ocassionally a pair of heeled black slippers with silver buttons on thier sides can be seen underneath.


Born into the main line of House Cuy, Sonya Cuy was the third child of Lord Dristen Cuy and Lady Nessina Cuy. She had little in the way of expectations placced on her even as a child and was given free reign for the most part as long as what she did did not disgrace the family. Sonya was content with this freedom and used it to full advantage. She loved to spend time learning to ride and she collected animals and trained them as her pets and companions. She also learned to brawl, mostly through experience with boys who said she was supposed to act like a Lady. She got into fights and learned to fight barehanded and with daggers as well as how to use a bow. As she grew it became obvious that Sonya would be a beauty and likely to attract a powerful husband.

Unfortunately Sonya thought boys were disgusting brutes for the most part. She was as cold as ice to every suitor brought to her. She treated her handmaiden better than her suitors and she always was kind to other ladies, some might even say she was flirtatious with them but surely that wasn't true? Finally when she turned nineteen and turned down yet another pregistious match her father shipped her off to Oldtown with her handmaiden and gaurds and told her she was to stay there until she had news of a suitable match or he found one for her. He kept searching in the meanwhile and Sonya really has no intention to search herself.

RP Hooks

  • House Cuy Connections: House Cuy is one of the bannermen to the Hightowers and they serve both them and the Tyrells. Want a political connection with the House? Both allies and rivals are welcome.
  • Friends of all Kinds: Sonya is quite fond of both people and animals. Want a friend to go riding with? Need help taming your new puppy? Want to invite an unconventional noblewoman over for tea? All of these and more are possibilities.
  • Men are Weird: While Sonya can be polite at times she has never really gotten over her childish dislike of men and boys. They strike her as being arrogant brutes for the most part. Want to prove her wrong? Want to start a fight? Want to marry her anyway? All sorts of fun is possible here.
  • All the Single Ladies: Are you a single lady? Come celebrate your freedom with Sonya while it lasts. Fellow ladies who would rather not marry or who are married and hate their husbands are welcome to come together and trade sympathy and advice with each other.


  • Striking Beauty
  • Scandalous Flirt
  • Playful
  • Animal Friend

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