Solange Targaryen
Solange Targaryen
Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle Trachtenberg as Solange Targaryen
Name: Solange Targaryen
Aliases: Sunshine, Sol, Highness, Sun-in-Shadow, The Summer Queen, Mon Ange du Palais
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Princess and Unofficial Ambassador of House Targaryen
Rank: Princess of House Targaryen
Age: 18


Strands of spun gold are pulled back out of this young woman's face in an elegant style, woven into
an elegant arrangement of braids, which are then woven into one longer, intricate braid, which falls
all the way down her back to her waist. The braid is twined with numerous luminous pearls, which
stand out starkly against her golden tresses. Her eyes are the color of a stormy sea, filled with
the potential for tempestuous mischief. Sometimes those eyes take on a hint of gray when she is
feeling moody, or lean more toward blue when she is merry. Her face is heart-shaped, angelic
features hovering somewhere between the demure innocence of youth, and the regal beauty of womanhood.
Full lips are often prone to mischievous smiles.

The princess is clothed in a luxurious gown of cloud-gray velvet which, when she moves, appears to
shimmer with hints of rose in certain lighting like the last rays of the sun shining on the clouds
at dusk. The effect is unusual, and highly tasteful, drawing the eye. Clearly custom-designed, the
gown is stylish and sumptuous. The neckline is a graceful scoop, edged in a border of snow-white
with delicate stitchery in red threads and tiny glittering beads and pearls. The long sleeves are a
combination of gray velvet and white and red brocade, with shining pearl buttons down the length
from elbow to wrist. The gray velvet overlay falls away from the white and red brocade, to trail
down to either side, ending in tufts of exotic white fox fur. The full skirts shimmer and gleam in
rich velvet, cascading from her slender waist to the ground, to end in a border of white and red
trim with more beads and pearls.

Her only adornment is a necklace of pearls, which clings snugly about the base of her slender, swan-
like neck. Her hands move with a graceful allure that seems almost unconscious. Several rings
glitter on her fingers, including a golden ring engraved with the Courcel Swan on the forefinger of
her right hand, and another gold ring on the middle finger of her left hand, inset with a finely-cut
sapphire surrounded by diamonds. A delicate scent of rare plum blossom perfume lingers about her,
subtle, not overpowering.


Solange's upbringing was unremarkable she spent her days learning of history and Houses, sewing and
the harp, and being taught diction—the Gods be damned, there was so much emphasis on diction.
Unlike most of her siblings, Solange was not married at a young age, instead she spent that time in
the court. Since the age of eleven, the second youngest daughter of Prince Merek bounced between the
Dragonstone and Dornish court. She became, with time, the default social ambassador of House
Targaryen at the Court. Those who had known her parents now knew her, and those who were not
previously familiar with her branch of the familycame to know it through Solange. Through both her
efforts and her father's pull, Solange was made a lady-in-waiting for the Princess of Dragonstone
and through this arrangment the two became close friends.

In her time there, as a lady in waiting for Princess Rhaenyra, Solange learned that there was much
more to the world of Houses and titles than who sired who and the sigils borne on horse-back banners.
The true wars were won in backroom dealings and with whispers among friends in the throne hall. This
realization took from the young woman her belief that the world was good. What mattered more to her
than this realization was the surprise Solange felt when she was glad that the morals drilled in to
her from a young age were not the ones upheld in reality. This freed her from obligation in her
mind: the obligation to do right in all instances. She was free to establish her own moral code, and
she did. The seeds of a manipulative and power-hungry monster were planted early in her years at the
Ericourt, and through ample watering of more than a few figures about court, Soalnge would flourish.

Solange's alliances took on another layer as her innocence fell away. She made sure that there were
those in the Court that were loyal to her independent of her family. She became an entity separate
from House Targaryen and simultaneously maintained herself as the representative at Court. With news
of potentially reputation-damaging friendships reaching her father, and her sometimes overt
manipulative behavior, her older brother Eldren was sent to the Court to right what damage had been
done. He was met with many closed lips and kind words of his sister, much to his and his father's

Officially Solonge was called to Oldtown in the summer of 123 for familial reasons, but there were
some who said her move was because of her involvement with scandal. Either way, she was packed and
on hr way without really being able to fight it, moveing a more pompous and bold woman.

RP Hooks

  • Lady-in-Waiting - Solange was the chief lady in waiting to the Princess of Dragonstone before being called from court for her political dealings. The two were practically inseperable friends and thus ran in the same social circles, perhaps she knows you from these glory days?
  • Dragonstone/Dorne - Solange spent most of her formative years bouncing between both the Dorne and Dragonstone royal courts. Are you from Dragonstone, or House Martell? Perhaps we know one another, and have some stories to tell.
  • Eligible - Solange -might- be on the lookout for a husband. What she is looking for, exactly, is unknown. But she does appear to have entered into the games of courtship common among the young peers of the Realm.
  • Fun Things! - Solange enjoys plotting fun things to do at Court! Interested in performing in a concerto in the Royal Palais, or watching one? Like to attend a fete, but there doesn't happen to be one going on? Solange might be a good person to go to, for plotting fun diversions.

Rumors. Whispers. Tidbits. Hooks.

  • When her father brought the family to court some five years ago, there was hardly a party that Solange missed, and there were many at which she was been the center of attention, for one reason or another. The opportunities for both vanity and debauchery became far worse when she turned sixteen and her father became the advisor to the king.

*Given some of the events at court the summer of the Princess's 17th year, some started to whisper that the future Queen had a weakness for love letters and poetry that appeared to be quite exploitable. Rumors of prominent families hiring Eglantine bards to instruct sons of the right age in verse and penmanship however, were likely entirely fabricated though.

*Solange and her twin brother are very close. There are rumors of her getting unnaturally upset when he has been upset, and of the pair of them being obsessively protective of one another. Documented cases of sibling rivalry do exist however, some of which their father may be coaxed to retell with sighs after several stiff drinks. The courtesans always refuse though. It's in their contracts.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Attractive
  • Charismatic
  • Compelling
  • Favored of Nobles
  • Naive

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