Character Details
Siyu as Gang Xi Siyu
Name: Gang Xi Siyu
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: Essos
Organization: None
Occupation: Interpreter
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Nov 20 104 (18)


A 5 foot 4 Yi Tin, an exotic. Siyu is somewhat remarkable, his face is rather beautiful, pretty as opposed to handsome. A soft oval frame, with fine cheekbones, and tight almond eyes. He has heterochromia, one eye green, the other gray, both are vibrant. His lips are full, and plump, having a natural pout with them. His hair is long and black, allowed to grow past the shoulder and all the way down to his rump. It's full of volume and bounce, and it's kept neat, tied back int a tight tail normally. When he lets it free it's a pretty huge mane of hair.
Despite his short height his frame is stocky, muscle clings to him, as if he does a lot of physical labor. Not a body builder, though definition does show through, all that physical labor and a good diet means he is just cut naturally. His short stature does make him appear as if he has less muscle then he does. A surprise for anyone he tries to pick up. His chest is broad, and his hips are wide, rather noticably so on a male. They would look rather impressive on a female, let alone a male. With the hair and the hips it would be easy to mistake him for female from behind. Another benifit of the hips though is that they lead to some strong legs. His dress is neat and kempt, very professional, he is dressed in fine flax. He is not a poor farmer. Soft clothing, looking fashionable on a budget. Not covered in shit, and smelling lightly of vanilla and jasmine

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Gang Xi Siyu was born in the far away land of Yi Ti, an exotic land barely heard of in Essos, let alone Westros. Siyu grew up in the merchant caravans, learning the ways of smith craft, metal craft, and trading. He was a clever boy, a smart boy, his family recognized this, and let him earn his money. Trading well and expertly all through his pre-teens until he had a bank enough that his family let him go. They offered him a doubling of his own savings, said go to Braavos, and learn the trades of the Iron Bank. He did, though he was lost in the long lands of Asshai. It was there he learned of his talent for dowsing. Lacking water, needing it, he found it. He developed his talent and the Asshai were very willing to develop his ability. Finding water on the trail, outside of the oasis is a good talent. He was offeredrather a ludicurious amount of gold to stay, but it was not his goal. He made it to the Iron Bank, with his dowsing and then he learned more. He learned to envy the rich, the powerful, the noble. He learned to love owning land, owning money, owning slaves. He learned that money lead to land, which lead to power. Noble titles are given to those who have land, soldiers and power, not because of their blood. He envied that power and wished to have it. He needed more knowledge, more skills. He needed the Maesters and old town, he had to go and learn. Every step he learned more, developed more. He was an expert in economics. He could sense the flows of the earth. He could sense the magics of the ground, of the metals underneath, and know the pulses of the very rock. He had all he needed. To find his mother load, to find a rich seam to call his own, to gain money, land and power, and to earn what was rightfully his. The barbarian lands of the Westerosi were laid bare. The dragonriders had grown fat and happy from the thin lands of the dirt farmers. They might be farming fields under gold mines and not even know it. He might be able to buy a field of metal from under some stone lord for pennies. He wanted his fortune, and he wanted to take it.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Merciful
  • Envious of Nobility
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Academic
  • Pretty Boy

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Black Cat A stray that wandered into his path the day he stepped off a ship. I can't help but feel warm to her, and offer her any scrap she wishes. She's cute when she purrs.


Maester Boy, another stray I like to feed. Turns out he's quick, clever and Dragon blooded. Not so stray after all.


Master of Strays, a cat always with him, a dangerous man, but he offered protection, and I trust him as much as I can anyone.


A mother, a merchant, a wonderful bath house. Fun times to be had.


A Noble, yet a theater owner? Odd. Seems friendly enough, at least to have the oddity around to gawk at.


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