Lady Sirawen Baratheon
Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler as Sirawen Baratheon
Name: Sirawen Baratheon
Aliases: Sira
Faction: Stormlands
Organization: Organization
Occupation: Lady
Rank: Lady
Age: 18

Sirawen left with Lord Borros when the Baratheon's fled the Black Sickness, leaving Oldtown to return to Storm's End.


Standing a touch more than five foot, the young woman in front of you stands with a aloof feel about her. Tresses the colour of a raven's wing at midnight, cascade down this maiden's back ending just past her little lower back. A small heart shaped face gives the illusion of youth, perhaps about twenty years of age. To the side of a perky little nose are two eyes as brilliant as polished sapphire. Her eyes are set off by thick, long eyelashes, that lay softly against her cream colored skin when her lids are closed. Her mouth is small and with pale pink lips.


Born at Storm's End Sirawen is the cousin of Lord Baratheon, his uncle's daughter. She grew up like most noble women, learning to do all things that Ladies do, she learned to be a Lady, how to do embroidery, how to sing and dance, and how to flutter her eyelashes just right to get men to do what she wants without much of a fuss.

Being a Baratheon also brought her the opportunity to have ships, and she loved it, there are few things that Sira likes more then being on the water. Which is why she's not so keen on riding a horse. She is spoiled and so she's not been betrothed, every time her father tries to set her up she pouts at him and he gives her her way, she has him so wrapped around her little finger.

Her mother wanted her to go to court, to King's Landing but she talked to her father, and came to Old Towne, to live a little before she actually has to settle down and get married.


Wealth: Opulent

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