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Lily Cole
Lily Cole as Lady Simona Corbray
Name: Lady Simona Corbray
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Occupation: Noblewoman
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Age: 17


Barely topping five feet, this young woman is petite with a full curvaceous figure that borders on plump. Her face is like an upside-down teardrop; she has a round face with a somewhat sharp chin. This, combined with her large wide-set gray eyes and her small rosebud mouth, makes her look almost doll-like. Well-shaped golden red brows sit under a high forehead, and the curve of her brow flows into a well-formed and slightly upturned nose. Her skin is fair, and she has a light dusting of freckles over the bridge of her nose and the tops of her cheeks.

Her golden red curls seem to frizz at the slightest provocation, and has been gathered up in a silver net decorated with tiny crystals that catch the light when she turns her head. Little frizzy curls near the temples have escaped her net, and frame her face in a halo of red gold.

She wears a silvery gray silk gown that bares the tops of her shoulders and clavicles but stops before the point of being immodest. Her sleeves, long and dagged, are made from Myrish lace dyed the same gray, and dotted in places with tiny flakes of crystal that twinkle in the light. Under her gown she wears delicate little slippers that are decorated in crystal beads.


Simona Corbray is the eldest child of Lord and Lady Corbray of Heart's Home. Her poor sight caused her to bond more with the families maester, who was hard of hearing, and as a result he taught her many of the ways of healing. Due to some favor that her father performed for Lord Tyrell long ago that no one really understands besides for the Lord and Lord Paramount, Simona has been matched with the heir to Highgarden, Matrim Tyrell. And so she was placed on a ship with her Septa and a small household, and sent to Oldtown to meet her betrothed.


  • Healer
  • Poor sight
  • Proper

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