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January Jones
January Jones as Silken
Name: Silken
Aliases: Silky, Silk
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Occupation: Whore
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Age: 18

Silken was eaten by a dragon.


With porcelain colored skin and delicate features, this young woman has an almost ethereal quality to her. Her eyes, wide and almond-shaped, are the blue-green of calm seas. Her brows are finely arched and the same silvery blonde as the hair on her head. She has an upturned nose, and full bowed lips that are naturally coral pink in color. She is on the petite side, with a figure that is more willowy and graceful than wenchy.

Her pale silvery blonde hair hangs freely to her waist in waves. A headdress of gold wire and tiny amethyst stones crowns her hair, part of the wire crossing over her forehead. A teadrop shaped amethyst dangles from the wire to rest between her brows.

This woman's painted silks could cause a sailor to blush. A fine amethyst purple with steaks of gold and silver, it is attached to a gold collar that rests on her collarbone. The silk barely covers her pert bosom, draping so low as to reveal her jeweled belly button. The dress is backless, and does not cover her backside until it hits the swell of her rump.


Some men ask Silken what her real name is, and the truth is that she's always been called Silken. Her mother had named her such knowing that, like herself, her daughter would serve in the pleasure houses of Lys, just as her mother had and her grandmother before her. And so Silken learned to be a whore, trained by some of the best courtesans in the world. She rose in prominence until she was the mistress of a powerful merchant, and life was good. She was given whatever she desired for far less work than in the pleasure houses. This of course ended with the merchant's life. She fled Lys to avoid becoming a pleasure slave again only to end up in a brothel in Oldtown. Making men happy is the only thing Silken knows how to do.


  • Dislikes Children
  • Mean-Spirited
  • Vain

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