Shayla Storm
Ashley Greene
Ashley Greene as Shayla Storm
Name: Shayla Storm
Aliases: Shay
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Baratheon
Occupation: Whore
Rank: Bastard
Age: Jul 3 102 (18)



As the bastard daughter of a Stormlands whore and Lord Boremund Baratheon the former head of House Baratheon, Shayla Storm was never destined to amount to much. Her father did acknowlege her though which is more than many bastards can say. Of course her mother was more than happy to accept the lords help in raising her daughter and gladly let Boremund pay for a proper education, dancing, and riding lessons for the young Shayla. Shayla was a beautiful child and had exposure to both nobles and less savory types as well. She could be charming and sweet but she was not the innocent flower many noblewomen were. Her mother begin to pressure her as she grew hoping her daughter could secure a wealthy husband that would allow them both to live in comfort. Shayla though was resistant to the idea and though she got many gifts from admirers she never seemed to get attached to any of them. When her father's heir seemed to be getting ready to take over House Baratheon Shayla decided to leave before her half-brother drove her out once he became head of the house. She traveled to Oldtown with a wealthy merchant and his caravan. Glad to be free of her mothers influence Shayla planned to find work and hopefully make a name for herself here.

RP Hooks

  • Whore: This is Shayla's profession and she is fairly good at it too. Sweet, charming and seductive her refined grace and poise in public mixed with her naughty and playful nature in private makes her quite popular with men. She can be very discrete and is perfectly willing to play arm candy for nobles as well. If it wasn't for her being a Storm one might be able to mistake her for a true Baratheon.
  • Likes her Luxuries: She loves getting gifts. Jewelry, gowns and other assorted pretty things are a sure fire way to win her over…for a while at least.
  • Refined: A mixture of a nobles polite refinement and a whores seductive naughtiness Shayla can play the part of both Lady and whore. Both of these are in her blood and she was given a very good education for one of her station.
  • Dancer: Dance is a form of art, one that Shayla is very close to mastering. Whether you want to dance with her at a ball or have her entertain you with a more erotic form of dance she is happy to show off her skills.


  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Baratheon Bastard
  • Favored of Nobles
  • Attractive

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