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Phoebe Tonkin
Phoebe Tonkin as Seryna Arryn (once Seryna Tyrell)
Name: Seryna Arryn (once Seryna Tyrell)
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Vale
Organization: House Arryn
Occupation: Great Noble Lady
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Jul 28 95 (25)


This pampered flower of Highgarden speaks of summer in her very bearing, with skin colored warm in its tones even when she's seen little time in the sun. Chocolate toned hair brightens to streak caramel where the summer months have a chance to lighten it, lets the warmth weave in in waves that would fall down to her waist when loose but are most oft kept ruly in nets dotted with jewels or braids threaded with ribbons. No wild maiden here but a married lady, and she carries herself with the decorum of such, and the confidence of a woman who knows what she is about, and who expects to be admired. Her eyes are a rich hazel, somewhere between green and brown, though look to darken to slate should her temper grow sour. Features have the sculpture of the nobility. Her cheekbones are high and her nose straight and dainty, speaking to a cultivated bloodline. Soft lips are a rich shade of rose, and plump enough to tempt towards sin even before she's spoken a word.

She wears a gown of pale blue samite trimmed in silver; the colors of House Arryn which just happen to bring out her eyes to near perfection. Azure cloth hugs the figure gently, not so closely as to appear unseemly, yet the soft shimmer cannot help but draw the eye across the body. The neckline dips just slightly at the swell of breasts, a froth of Myrhish lace would add modesty if there were more to it. Sleeves hug down to the elbows where they flare only slightly, revealing wrists and trimmed with more lace, a display here of wealth as much as anything else. The garment nips tightly at the waist, almost defiantly, daring the world to question whether she has managed to retain her figure after the birth of her son, and belted with discs of burnished silver. Only her throat has tribute to the house of her birth, an elaborately crafted necklace of gold in the shape of a rose, complete with thorns realistic enough that they are likely to prick her skin if she is not careful with her movements.


The lush gardens, elaborate courtyards, and opulant surroundings of Highgarden create a certain sort of young woman. Particularly when that young woman is not only a daughter of House Tyrell, but the daughter of Lord Tyrell himself…sister of the heir who becomes the next Tyrell in time. This was the case though for Seryna Tyrell, whose eldest brother Lorant is how the Lord of Highgarden and Warden of the South. The pampered baby sister, Seryna was doted on not only by her mother and father but by most of her elder brothers, the gap in their ages providing all the more reason for her to be both protected and spoiled. Where Lorant, Corey, Larrence, and Brock were all given lessons at arms, fine and elaborate armor to wear in the tourneys; Seryna was lavished with gowns, jewels, and the best septas and tutors a girl could long for to learn the arts of the noblewoman. One of the most eligible young maidens in the realm for a time, much was expected of her…and she expected much in turn. Is it any wonder that the girl turned out a little too aware of her charms? At the very least she is loyal to her family, and holds ambition not only for herself but for all of House Tyrell. Particularly fond of her eldest brother, the Lord himself, it was said that he believed he could count upon her to further his interests upon her marriage, not merely to shift her loyalties to that of her husband's family but to remember what it is to be a blossom of Highgarden forevermore.

So it was then that her upbringing was as expected, a septa with high expectations and the best teachers to focus on the skills that would be required to one day hopefully run a prestigious household. Many matches were considered. A son of the Lannister's perhaps, to bring additional wealth into the family? Or a match along the coast, to open up further opportunities for trade? Could they reach as far as one of the Targaryen Princes? Yet somewhere along the way, for a reason unknown fully even to her, it was House Arryn that their father…and that eventually Lorant himself, decided was needed for Seryna. Perhaps because Lady Jeyne Arryn refused any suggestions that the Tyrell brothers were suitable matches for her herself, and it was the cousins, the potential heirs, that were the only hook. The rumors that Ryon Arryn is most likely to inherit have spread far enough to 'reach' the Reach of course…so why it is that Lorent backed the choise of Raymun Arryn, another first cousin not so openly favored and a second son at that…Seryna herself cannot say. Lorent answered the questions as a brother and Lord likely would. "Just do as you are told, and serve the family." Perhaps he means be a quiet, doting wife. It's never been Seryna's way though. Being quiet at least. Being doting…that may have, but it's so easy to get distracted.

In her time in the Vale, Seryna has managed to develop an affectionate relationship with her husband, whom she finds admirable in his way, even if he is not quite the ambitious or well-connected Lord that many expected a woman of her birth and qualities to marry. She also gets on quite well with his brother Harrold most of the time, and has come with these two brothers Arryn to assist in their checking in on family business in Oldtown, as well as to catch up with some of her own relatives in House Tyrell.

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  • Wealth: Opulant
  • Ambitious
  • Shallow
  • Attractive
  • Secretive
  • Gleaming Reputation

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