Character Details
Karen Allen
Karen Allen as Serrena Snow
Name: Serrena Snow
Aliases: Rena, The Laughing Fox
Faction: The North
Organization: None
Occupation: Brigand
Rank: Bastard
Age: Apr 2 95 (26)


Hardly astonishing to behold, at first glance one might easily miss this woman in a crowd. Five and a half feet tall and approximately a hundred and thirty pounds, she possesses the broadness of shoulder and toning of the limbs typical in a hard-working and reasonably well-fed peasant woman. Close examination of her hands yields matching callouses, and there's a certain wind-blown roughness to her sun-brushed skin.

Serrena is neither young nor old by the standards of the realm, her motions holding the confident vigour of one in their prime, and her expressions the ineffable wisdom of the same. Her features are pleasant enough, well-balanced but for a strong jawline, mouth marked by the lines of laughter and the hallmarks of dimples in full cheeks; further highlighted by a profoundly flattering smatter of freckles, if you're into that sort of thing. Her green eyes are lively and expressive, equally predisposed to dancing with excitement or smouldering in the fierce passion of wrath.

She wears her fine, dark hair carelessly, falling in a loose array of wisps and tangles from the crown. Her attire is similarly footloose and fancy-free, consisting of a hard-wearing (and hard-worn) hooded leather jerkin, buckled down the front and yielding at the elbows to the long, dirty white sleeves of a ruffled undershirt. On her hands she wears fingerless, iron-plated leather gloves, revealing the roughness of long, supple digits. Her legs are covered by simple deer hide leggings and stitched leather boots.

On a belt about her waist, Serrena carries a blackjack and several pouches, alongside a simple money purse. A second belt is hung crosswise from right shoulder to left hip, bearing half a dozen sheathed knives and - secured at the rear - a quarterstave bolstered with iron studs.


The adopted bastard of Lord Lanborn Harclay, Serrena Snow grew up in the foothills north of the Wolfswood. After her wayward half-brother was shipped off to the Night's Watch and then executed for desertion, she was groomed for ladyship. Preferring the company of peasants and soldiers to anything resembling an upper crust, she was headstrong and snide, excelling first with a glib tongue and quick hands then with mace and stave. A natural warrior, she led her father's men on ranging expeditions and took part in many successful border skirmishes with wildlings and deserters.

When Cregan Stark came to power as Warden, House Harclay was part of an uprising against Winterfell, and Serrena fought on the front lines. Her efforts were for naught, and the bastard daughter was beaten back with ease into a bitter last stand at her fortress homestead. Lord Harclay was executed for his treason despite protests to the contrary, slaughtered - alongside his co-conspirators - and presented as an example of this young Warden's military might and swift, unrelenting justice.

Snow survived the final battle, slipping into the forest to lick her wounds. As a mere bastard, she was not pursued with any real verve, and soon fell in with a band of brigands raiding the lands west and south of Winterfell. When the blooded Warden was forced to fight a second campaign against a screaming horde of Wildlings, she and her misfit allies turned their attentions further south and nobly fled - taking the first of many steps carrying them deeper into Westeros.

Life has been turbulent and exciting ever since, the fallen bastard finding herself at the head of her unruly band through force of arms and personality both. Now known as the Mottley Fools, they've toned their activities down considerably - no longer raiding and robbing quite so much, more focused on barding and fleecing the locals. They've even hired on as legitimate mercenaries on a few occasions, coming away battered and bruised but considerably richer.

The Fools claim to be at least partly 'heroic', and even bear their own bastardized banner. But ultimately, it's the acquisition and exuberant expenditure of wealth that concerns them. Serrena has earned a reputation in certain circles as 'The Laughing Fox', a brigand captain of indeterminate gender known for their cunning and imaginative cruelty, few of the stories focusing on what positive acts the Fools have accomplished in the name of the smallfolk.

RP Hooks

  • The Northern Girl
    • The Noble: She was never very good at it, but Serrena was raised as the daughter of a Northern Lord. Perhaps you served under her father, Lord Harclay, cooking her meals or turning over her bedchamber. Perhaps you passed through her lands north of the Wolfswood and had a 'pleasant' encounter. The possibilities are as endless as the falling snow!
    • The Rebel: Part of the quelled rebellion against House Stark when Lord Cregan came to power, Snow and her father's troops ultimately fell to the talented boy-Warden, but not before much bloodshed and camaraderie in the field. You may have served beneath her, or even crossed blade and stave in one of those ill-fated battles.
    • The Tearaway: If nothing else, you may have heard rumours of the few who escaped justice at the edge of Ice, the bastard daughter of Lord Harclay amongst them. She's something of a rural legend, though not so much as:
  • The Laughing Fox
    • Fleeced: Have you ever lost a large sum of money to a vagabond on the road? Ever been pickpocketed in the night, or cheated at cards, or purchased a quantity of goods only to find them spoiled and unfit for use? That may have had something to do with Captain Rena and her misfit band. Though she's sure to deny it.
    • Hoodwinked: Perhaps all your lost was your dignity. She probably took that, too.
    • Defeated: The Fox has had her share of victories in battle, both with and without her unruly allies. If you're a hedge knight who's lost a duel to a dirty no-good cheat or a mercenary bamboozled by a smaller, poorly-equipped group, there's every possibility you've run into Serrena Snow. On the other hand…
    • Bravely Run Away: You might also have given her a well-deserved licking, and watched her 'exercise prudence' into the nearest patch of foliage or up a particularly rocky slope. Snow doesn't always win: if she did, she'd be rich. Perhaps you were the thorn in her side. We should probably have a little talk about that.
  • The Merry Traveller
    • Serrena's not always looking to make a quick buck, or have a laugh at someone else's expense. Sometimes she's just travelling to broaden her horizons and meet interesting new people - occasionally she's even helpful and kind, after a rather irreverent fashion. You might have met her in a tavern and shared drinks, you may even have misbehaved with her; though granted, in that case you're also likely to have lost some coin one way or another. But she's made many fleeting friends, and redistributed some of that self-same coin where it's most needed… or seems most fun!
  • The Mottley Fools
    • If you've not run into Serrena herself, perhaps you've met one of her band. As a roving outlaw group, they've travelled from the Wolfswood to Oldtown with myriad stops along the way. They've had more than their fair share of members - and though a central core remains, many have come and gone both amicably and otherwise. You might have been one of them. You might be tracking one of them for a bounty. You might be related to a member past or present.
    • Or, you're looking to join up. What's the worst that could happen?


Combat Pragmatist Furiously creative in battle, she carries a small arsenal of toys and knows how to use the environment to maximum advantage. Rena's unlikely to be seen in the lists: fights are for winning, and anything goes.
Cutting Wit As likely to slice with her tongue as bash with bludgeon or quarterstave, the Laughing Fox earned her reputation for good reason. Probably best not to tell her she fights like a dairy farmer.
Northern Grit She's been to known to exercise prudence (we don't use the 'r' word), but Snow is not one to stay down for long. The icy bite of the Northern wind freezes her veins and hardens her resolve.
Orphaned Bastard Her inheritance stripped and gone, Serrena nonetheless still carries the Harclay blood in her veins. They say that blood always tells. In this case, it may be for the worse.
Rogue Leader For her sins, Snow is the appointed captain of the Mottley Fools, a band of misfit brigands slowly stumbling their way through Westeros. Primarily northerners, they share a love for ale and adrenaline, and have made a firm bond with one another. That's not to say that knowing them is always an advantage…
Wealth: Poor It's not that she doesn't acquire coinage from time to time, but as quick as it comes, it's washed away in a tavern or invested into the next misadventure. Gold is for spending, not keeping.

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The Bloody Headsman - As a Northerner, Cregan Stark is by right Snow's Lord. They've never come eye-to-eye, but she has glimpsed him across the field of battle; a battle in which they fought on opposing sides. She lost, he won, and as a direct result a rebellion was quelled and her lordly father's head made forfeit. This probably is not the start of a beautiful friendship.


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Oh God Why - who is this I don't even.



Peatbog Faeries - "The Great Ceilidh Swindle"
Swaggering and cheeky, the tone of this piece sums up Rena's moxy. Take 'em for everything they have, and regret nothing!

Great Big Sea - "Company of Fools"
A noble's bastard, Serrena remains ever the champion of the lesser man; even as she's divesting him of his own hard-earned…

Korpiklaani - "Päät Pois Tai Hirteen"
'Brats are screaming for oatmeal though there's not even a drop of booze. Country's leaders are brainless and headless. Just heads off or hang 'em, that's what I think!' Enough said.

Skiltron - "Praying is Nothing"
Westeros isn't all fun and debauchery. Sometimes you need to curse the heavens whilst wading through a river of blood and bodies. Rena's seen nothing to convince her that any god exists.

Van Canto - "Rebellion"
To whatever flippancy she may purport, the spirit of rebellion burns in Serrena Snow's breast. Would there a revolution she could believe in, she'd be the first to stand tall and, if necessary, fall.

Nightwish - "Last of the Wilds"
Serrena can travel, she can run as far as she wants to, but like most Northmen, home is where her heart belongs.

Notes on Tone

I'm incredibly liberal and for the most part, anything goes so long as it's characterful and orchestrated with maturity. You don't need to ask my permission to enact violence and there's no need to regulate language or tone provided others in the scene are agreeable; I absolutely accept that IC is IC and bad things happen - especially when playing an acerbic and openly antagonistic character, which Serrena can certainly be. I'm cool with mild 'twinking' too. If your pose works more coherently with an assumed upper-arm grab or a knife against the throat, just go for it. So long as I get the same respect, it's all absolutely fine and lovely.

In terms of sexuality, I'm similarly game. However, as I said above, IC is IC. Don't expect me to treat you differently or give you exclusive rights to RP just because things go a certain way. This hobby is all about creative writing to me, and in portraying a character I'm doing nothing more than composing stories from a single narrative viewpoint. The added thrill of MUing is working together to write said stories, and I will co-operate and remain flexible with anything that happens on-grid. What it won't do is affect my behaviour off-grid, and I expect the same courtesy - please respect OOC boundaries and don't be creepy!

All that said, if you want to work anything out, drop me a line. I'm free and easy to go along without planning, but appreciate others like to have things a little more defined - don't be afraid to drop bombs on me ahead of time if it's better for you! I'd rather everybody feels comfortable and knows where a scene is going. We're all adults, and more than capable of acting like it.

Let's have awful traumatic possibly sexy hateful violent fun together!

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