The Scarlet Woman
Unknown model
Unknown model as Sera Florent
Name: Sera Florent
Aliases: None that should be said in polite company
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Noble
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Sep 15 102 (18)


She is a slight young woman that barely reaches 5'3" and yet moves with the grace and presence of someone much larger than herself. Soft cheekbones cut high across her face, enhancing the cat-like shape of her teal-colored eyes. Her pointed chin is sharp but her delicate nose and shapely lips soften her features. The typical Florent ears are there, although more angular than round, their tips are usually hidden or poke through the tendrils of her hair. Her hair, her signature if there ever was one, is as red as a fox's fur. Those thick wavy tresses hang low down her back and just past her hips although usually woven into intricate braids and plaits.

It is obvious upon first glance that Sera is the type of woman who takes great pride in her appearance. Her hair, the center of focus, is always done in the latest fashion with the usual flowers, ribbons and combs. Her dress is of the highest caliber with only the best quality in fabrics. Today's grass-green ensemble is a tight brocade of lapis lazuli flowers around her torso, exposing her arms and the length of her soft, pale back while keeping the front more demure. The collar dips down in front, just a few inches past her decolletage, allowing her to show off the jeweled amber pendant she wears. The rest of the dress past her hips flow down in light layers that flutter about her with every move she makes, showing flashes of her grass-green slippers.


The daughter of Lord Alwyn Florent, the second born and younger brother of Lord Walys Florent, once Head of the House of Florent. Sera is the youngest child with four older brothers and two older sisters (the eldest of which is married to a Baratheon by the time Sera was three.)

Growing up, Sera was more of a tomboy. She was into archery rather than needlework, and swimming and climbing trees rather than gardening or painting. Despite her mother's best attempts, Sera didn't see the value in traditional women's work, at least at first.

When Sera was about 12 her mother took her to King's Landing to be introduced to the court and see what courtly life was all about. Sera fell in love, not with the poetry and the music, but with the mystery and intrigue, the gossip and scandal, the ability to gain power, privilege and prestige. She met people from quite a few Houses and began to realize the superiority with which she thought her family had was minuscule in comparison to others. She began to feel cheated as she came to grips with her true heritage.

Sera took to courtly life very well. She saw what skills were encouraged and did her best to excel in them; to dance better, sing better, and flaunt herself in order to garner attention when necessary in order to gain favors. She knew that if she were ever to try and regain what she believed was rightfully hers she had to play the game they were playing.

When she was 14 years old, her mother fell gravely ill for a number of years. Many assumed that her mother was poisoned by the wife of a Lannister; it was rumored that it had something to do with an affair. They stayed in King's Landing since they assumed her mother's illness was too severe for travel. Thus began Sera's interest in medicine. A seemingly doting daughter, she researched everything the nurses used to ensure there was no foul play. Her interest in medicine however exploded as she realized the benefits, and from there she picked up quite a bit of knowledge about poisons and their uses.

When Sera turned 16 it was her turn to be involved in a minor scandal. Rumor had it she had fallen in love with a lowborn; some say a stable boy, some say a member of her mother's guard. Rumor had it that they had also gotten married in secret. No one was sure where this rumor started though Sera was quick to blame it on a Lady in the House of Pyne whom she has had a rivalry with. Eventually the rumors had gotten out of hand, and, with her mother's improved health, they travelled back to Brightwater Keep.

Sera remained there for two or so years, hoping the rumors would die out if she simply layed low and kept to her studies. Finally, when one of her brothers, Ryce, decided to head out for Oldtown, she decided to tag along in hopes of re-introducing herself to court.

RP Hooks

  • Bad Reputation in King's Landing 3 years ago.
  • Has two sisters, one of which is married to a Baratheon.
  • Queen of the rumor mill: want to sell or buy info? She's your lady.
  • Has four brothers, all unnamed except for Ryce, who moved to Oldtown with her to pursue his scholarly interest.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Attractive
  • Careful Diplomat
  • Charismatic
  • Selfish
  • Ambitious

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Brother/NPC - "I have never seen someone who loves his books as much as my brother does. He seems more at ease behind the pages than with people. Still, I am sure he loves me as I love him, if he ever remembers I exist!"


Cousin - "A familiar face in an unfamiliar place. His presence has soothed me much more than I had realized possible. It is good to see him again, and it was better to see that he is just as endearing as I remember.'


Cousin - "*Expletives* *Expletives* *Expletives* *Expletives* *Expletives* *Expletives*!"


Cousin - "The older brother to Arion and the heir to the Florent name. He is a man I am glad to have on my side. Loyal, traditional and serious about family matters, what's not to love? He is holding the family name honorably so far and I am sure he will manage well throughout."


Friendly Tyrell - "A Tyrell that is more at home on the stage than with a sword at hand. He seems to be at the edge of becoming a mummur and a playwright like his cousin. He is great fun to be around, seems to bounce back from any problem he faces and loves to have a good time. A Tyrell if I ever saw one. I still wish he'd go for his spurs, however, if only for the title."



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