Sceadu Sand, Bastard of House Toland
Torrance Coombs
Torrance Coombs as Sceadu Sand
Name: Sceadu Sand
Aliases: Sceadu
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Toland
Occupation: Courier
Rank: Bastard
Age: Dec 16 104 (18)


If this fellow is a full-blooded Dornishman, he must not get into the sunlight much. His complexion is light, yet not the pale creamy complexion of an Andal. His hair is dark, like most Dornishmen, but is straight and tousled, not curly or thick. He does, however, possess the lean and reedy form of those he shares his homeland with. He has the figure of a runner; lean muscle coiled around a strong-looking skeletal structure. He does appear to have been cared for well in his younger years. His face is a curious configuration of mixed bloods. His eyebrows are thick, resting at the bottom of his high forehead. His chin is slightly pounted, rounded and sunken at the jawline. His nose is long, but pointed at the tip and wide at the base of his nostrils. The most damning evidence of his mixed blood would be his eyes, however. Almond-shaped and bright gray-green, they almost seem colorless in the right light.


A bastard, Sceadu is the product of union between an unnamed Andal woman and Ser Rell Toland. It is said that Rell himself chose the name of his bastard son, as the woman who bore their child succumbed to heavy bleeding during birth, dying hours later. There are other rumors, however, that the woman hadn't perished at all but was paid a stipend to flee Dorne. Ser Rell was to wed Alys Blackmont of House Blackmont and, though he stood to lose favor with the wealthy and influential house he was marrying into, Toland acknowledged his bastard and permitted the child to live within his home. This was, unfortunatel, contingent on the terms that the boy never have any contact or even be glimpsed by a member of the Blackmont family at any time.

Sceadu's early life was one of benign neglect. Visitors to Ghost Hill would often regard the bright-eyed child as if he were a stray dog or an unwelcome guest. The servants in House Toland treated him better, but not by much. Mostly, he got in the way of their work and annoyed them with his questions or requests for attention. He'd assumed at first that they were acting on orders from his father. As he got older, he began to suspect that it was his mixed blood that served as the reason the dark-complexioned folk gently eased him out of their way or didn't always look at him when they spoke to him.

Just before his tenth name-day, the resident Maester of Ghost Hill came to the boy and instructed him to run a message to a nearby House. Sceadu protested, even threatening to complain to his father about the difficulty of the assignment, but as his father was in the Blackmont holdings at the time, there was nowhere for him to run but to the message's destination. He was given silver for food and a small horse to ride along with the explicit instructions to return with the job completed in no less than three days' time. With difficulty, the child managed the errand and returned exhausted. This gave way to shock, however, when he was given a task to run a message elsewhere and even further away.

Assignments such as this became the norm for Sceadu, though he did become accustomed to the travel and grew to enjoy it after a time. In the years to come, he would find himself gone far more often than he was at home. His travels took him as far north as King's Landing and as far south in Dorne as one could travel before touching the ocean. He heard tales of the lands of Essos, of the fierce(yet, in Sceadu's mind, buffoonish)Dothraki and learned to move silently when he had to. His work as a Courier was becoming a way of life for him, with Toland Hall now seeming more like a waystation than anything else. Not that he minded, of course.

When not performing his duties as Courier, he studied with his Maester, learning to read and how to address his betters. Progress in his duties would inevitably mean longer trips and more interesting destinations. His father's neglect and disinterest in him began to lose its bite the more that Sceadu travelled and worked, often carrying out more coin than he walked in with. Even his bastard birth bothered him less and less, because as far as bastards went, he was a bastard that got to see the world. In his estimation, that made him a fairly lucky bastard.

RP Hooks

- Courier Work, messages or packages
- Parties
- Action, particularly chases
- Clandestine activities requiring stealth
- House Toland


  • Athiest
  • Attractive
  • Bastard Born
  • Good Vision in Dark
  • Internal Compass
  • Wealth: Poor

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