The Lady Errant
Antje Traue
Antje Traue as Saskia
Name: Saskia
Aliases: That Knighted Bitch; The Knight With No Balls; The C * * * Knight; The Silent Knight; The False Knight; The Lady Errant
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: None
Occupation: Sellsword
Rank: Bastard
Age: Aug 2 99 (21)


She is a wiry woman, a whipcord made of strong sinewy muscles that promises speed as much as strength. Standing at a proud five foot seven, her noble bearings are more savage and fierce rather than elegant. An oblong face with a square jaw and dimpled chin, sharp ice-blue eyes and a boyish short mop of raven-black hair hints strongly of a Baratheon heritage in this bastard's lineage. Her clothes, demeanor and general attitude, however, mars that image completely.

She wears a well-fitted dark armor of very good quality, with knee high walking boots to complete her outfit. A sword belt hangs around her hips, well fitted for her; a decent longsword with a black pommel is sheathed there, looking new and oh so very sharp.

Usually hanging around her is a fierce looking large black dog with gold eyes.


Saskia was born a bastard and will probably die a bastard. No one knows her full history but then again not many care about the history of bastards. She looks to be of Baratheon lineage though she remains unrecognized. Somehow she has become a female sellsword and now Saskia wishes to join the tourney in Oldtown. Along with her dog Squid and her derpy horse Tinkles as her beast and steed, Saskia is looking forward to trying and earning some coin.


Her well trained ferocious dog named Squid. Raised by her since he was a pup, he is the best friend a person could ever ask for.


Her old rounsey horse named Tinkles. She has been with this horse since she was 12. Still, the horse is not only a bit on the slow side but old age has ravaged its poor body. He is currently retired in a pasture, living the good life thanks to Saskia's winnings.


A new horse she has bought with her winnings from the tourney. A beautiful trained destrier horse who has cost her more than just a pretty penny. Called Piddles, he is a gelding that she is still getting used to, which is proving to be a bit difficult since her heart would forever belong to Tinkles.

RP Hooks

  • Sellsword: Need a guard? A mercenary? Want something to be done but don't want to dirty your hands? Contact your local sellsword!
  • Animal Lover and Animals Love Her.
  • Bastard: Baratheon? She kind of looks like one.
  • Unofficially adopted by a great but wandering old Hedge Knight Ser Sol Stormbrew of Nothing, also known as the Empty Knight. He has since passed on, but some may recognize her sword and armor as being his.
  • Tourney Champion! Saskia won a jousting tourney in Oldtown. Disguised as a man, she went undercover for most of the tournament until Ser Fulk unmasked her in front of everyone.
  • Was knighted before the whole crowd by Ser Fulk himself. Mock her, tease her, don't take her knighthood seriously since it is unheard of for a woman to gain such a title. In fact you may say her acceptance of the title drags down and ruins the very idea of 'knighthood'.
  • Just contact me, I will be more than eager to come up with something!


  • Illiterate
  • Attractive
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Tough
  • Beastfriend
  • Good Night Vision

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Old Employer - First person to give me a proper sword and set me up for the tourney. While I am sure he did it to shock the crowd it still gave me the chance to win, and for that I am grateful.


The Knighter - An old friend of Ser Sol Stormbrew, and he reminds me of him quite a bit. Seems like he is one of those old wise swordsmen you hear about in stories. He also seems to know quite a bit about the gods. He is my current bridge to the highborns.


The Princess - Backed me in the tourney and helped to ease the outcome. A fascinating woman who seems interested in keeping me around for some reason, not that I object. I have sworn my sword to her and so may end up giving my life to save hers; something tells me she would be worth it.


Prince - A Targaryen Knight who seems close to Princess Elionys. A man that may end up being able to move mountains. Smart, steady and sharp. I feel dull and dirty just standing next to him.


Prince - Who would have thought I would have so much in common with a Targaryen? Not me, that's for sure. He claims that he has lived a tough life for a while and it had taught him many things, I believe him.


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