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Bradley James
Bradley James as Saren Lannister
Name: Saren Lannister
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Jul 16 98 (22)


A tall man standing at six foot six inches with broad shoulders and a strongly muscled body. His skin is light and smooth not quite pale but not tanned either. Golden blonde hair is cropped short just reaching the back of his neck and covering his ears and is neatly combed a few strands falling over his forehead over his oval shaped face. Dark grey eyes with a hint of blue in them stare out at the world with a calm composure to them. Those stormy eyes are framed by naturally arched golden brows and long lashes. High cheekbones and a sharply angled jaw lead down to full lips. His face is clean shaved and smooth his neck thick and long leading down to a strong muscled body. His chest is wide as are his shoulders and his arms seem to be equally built. He wears the traditional armor of a knight and carries a well crafted longsword at his belt and a heavy shield bearing the crest of house Lannister.


Saren is the third son of a weathy nobleman Lorence Lannister and his wife Moira. As the youngest son and child he was constantly in his brothers shadows. Still this only drove young Saren to do things better than his brothers. He wasn't as smart as his middle brother and he was never likely to be the heir as his oldest brother was so he carved his own place out as the determined younger sibling. From the time he learned his letters he was a very controlled and dedicated child. His father was this and decided to have him trained as a knight. Saren excelled at not only the lessons in combat but also thrived under the lessons of chivalry respect and honor. He learned to fight with both blade and bow and found a friend in a fellow squire named Nathaniel. The younger boy was a shy sort but just as dedicated as Saren, they trained together and spent much of thier free time in each others company. By the time Saren was twenty two he was a full knight and highly respected. Nathaniel has also been knighted and the two were often seen together and many wondered about the truth of thier relationship. One day Saren's oldest brother caught Nathaniel leaving Saren's bedchamber in the early hours of the morning. The brother dragged the two of them before Lorence who was shocked. Nathaniel was stripped of his knighthood and banished. Enraged at his fathers treatment of his best friend and lover Saren left The Westerlands and went to Oldtown trying to follow his friends trail. It has gone cold now but he is still determined to set things right. Lorence never disowned his son and is under the impression that Saren will return to him and marry a proper lady.

RP Hooks


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Attractive
  • Honest
  • Chivalrous

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