Sapphyra's Details
Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth as Sapphyra Targaryen
Name: Sapphyra Targaryen
Aliases: Sapphy
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Healer
Rank: Princess
Age: Jun 14 101 (19)


Dazzling eyes, fiercely examining, are the color of ice at dusk, the violet in them is so pale. They peer out beneath a mane of platinum blonde, and are lined with dark lashes that accentuate them all the more. If a lioness could be recreated in human form, she would certainly resemble Sapphyra. Standing at a regal, long-legged, five feet and five inches, the Gods have blessed her with curves in all the right places. Above each almond-shaped eye is a slim, arched brow that leads down to the rest of her features. High cheek bones, a small nose, and lips the faint red of anticipation, as if trapped between teeth when you weren't looking, make up the classical look she was born with.
Her thick, platinum blonde locks are left down to mid-back in wavy tendrils, and end in fat curls. Her long bangs swoop delicately across her left eye, unless tucked behind her ear.


Sapphyra was born the first daughter, with a few boys proceeding her, and thought to be a happy blessing by her mother … at least for a while. A couple years later Elionys was born and life proceeded relatively normally. Perhaps it was her mother's malaise that stirred Sapphyra's maternal, nurturing feelings, or perhaps it was just part of her general makeup, but it soon became apparent that the child had a gift for the healing arts. It began simply enough with an injured bird that was taken in, though because she doted on it so loyally it earned her the nickname of 'dove' within the family.

It wasn't all that long after Elionys was born, perhaps six years or so, when Sapphyra was eight, nearly nine, when her father sent her from King's Landing to Dragonstone to live with distant relatives, though the reasons for it were barely, if ever, talked about.


Though introverted and paranoid, a scholar and wit, it was thanks to her odd extended family that she was urged to learn how to use a dagger, though the reasons for it are rarely explained. Surely it was to help her with her studies in some way?

Being away from her family as she was, she felt the need to please those that had taken her in. What didn't come especially easy, was trust. Though one has to fight through her paranoia and uncertainty, once her trust is earned she's a fiercely loyal and hopelessly devoted companion. To the point of, at times, not even seeing flaws.

Her studies progressed, as well as the money spent on her by their father (likely guilt ridden), as only the best Maesters would do in her tutelage. She was still relatively young when her father told her she was betrothed to marry her distant cousin Ryzael, whom she'd never met. As a young woman, these sort of situations were inevitable, but through the letters with her sister, who sang his praises, she soon came to be at ease with the notion, though has yet to fully form an opinion of him.

With her mother's death, father has summoned her to oldtown to watch over her younger sister more closely, to get to know her future husband, and to solidify their match.

RP Hooks

*Are you from King's Landing and knew a young Sapphyra before she was shipped off to Dragonstone?
*Are you from Dragonstone and know her before she left for Oldtown?
*Did she help you with an injury?
*Did she help you with an injured animal?
*Did we share a Maester of some sort?
*Sapphyra is rather proficient with blades, perhaps you trained with her?
*Do you know her from her work with orphans and the poor?


  • Enchanting Beauty
  • Charismatic
  • Paranoid
  • Pyromaniac
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Darling Younger Sister - How I wish our relationship had not been a mostly long-distance one until now but now that I'm here, where you are, I hope we can be as close as sister's should be.


My Moon - People say you're delusional. I say you're wonderful.


Marvelous Maiden Knight - Cousin, you are likely the sweetest member of the Targaryen family, and possibly anywhere. I'm growing to adore you more every day.


Crazed Beauty - I don't know you very well just yet, besides the fights I've witnessed that is, but we're family. You're at least rather interesting to watch.


Cousin - Though we have not spent much time together, you seem to the moral compass of your branch of the Targaryen family. I only hope I can provide some support.


My Betrothed - I still don't feel I know you all that well, but I can see how we'll make a suitable match. You've proven yourself to be rather interesting to talk to and though I didn't expect my feelings to get involved, you seem to be proving that theory wrong.


Uncle - There was a time when I was young that you seemed the most opulent, charming man. I find you a little more scary now than I did then, nothing a fellow dragon isn't used to, as I get to know you better.


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