Character Details
Nicole da Silva
Nicole da Silva as Sal
Name: Sal
Aliases: ???
Faction: Essos by way of Westeros
Organization: None
Occupation: Performer
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: 31


A figure easily missed, if she's not purposefully standing out, this woman is roughly 5'6" and has a thin frame. There's no telling if she's scrawny or fit under the jacket of deteriorating brown leather in the style of a gambeson with the sleeves torn off, showing the loose billowing sleeves of an off-white, thin undershirt, the gathered collar of which can be seen bunched around her neck. She wears an apron-like dark blue skirt over peasant's trousers with supple leather boots, the toes scuffed and dusty. Instead of purposefully emulating men's fashion, the whole look has the feel of items thrown together because it's all she owns. A belt is slashed across it all, off-kilter above her hips; it holds only a brown pouch rather than a weapon.

Her skin is pale, her hair dark brown, past her shoulders and straight but for a hint of unruliness. She has a slightly long, slightly sharp nose, long thin lips, and the apples of her cheeks are prominent. Her eyes are narrow, their colour usually a blur, but are in fact a light green with a haze of grey. She might be about thirty.









RP Hooks

  • The smallest of folk. She's a new face in the poorest parts of the city. She has a way of blending into a crowd, but she's around.
  • Traveller. She grew up mostly in Braavos, and had a more familiar presence there in the most recent few years as a performer with a troupe of mummers. She spent most of her years before that — as far back as roughly 110 AC — travelling through other cities up and down the western coast of Essos as far as Lys. Inquire if you think paths might've crossed.
  • Will work for food! Odd jobs for her odd talents might be hard to come by, but she's a willing worker for even a few paltry coins or something to eat. Depending on the job.
  • Theater of Whimsical Dreams. Sal has begun juggling outside of The Whimsy.
  • F the Freys. She's made an enemy of at least one member of House Frey despite never having stepped foot in the Riverlands.


Can Sell Wildlings Ice Face in the Crowd
Nemesis: Waylar Frey Renewed Moral Code
Unpredictable Temper Wealth: Poor

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