"Sweet" Saera Waters
Character Details
Katherine McNamara
Katherine McNamara as Saera Waters
Name: Saera Waters
Aliases: Sweet Saera, Sweet Waters
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Velaryon
Occupation: Entertainer
Rank: Bastard
Age: Jan 5 100 (23)


Like a sheaf of fine spidersilk, this woman's fine hair has been drawn into a loose ponytail which starts at her shoulders and extends to her lower back. At root and tip it's a silvery Valyrian blonde, though there are faint strawberry-blonde notes throughout, as if she had been interrupted midway through coloring her hair like fire. Her pale skin and refined features betray the old Valyrian look that her hair suggests at, and her large, violet eyes remove any question of masquerade. Pastel pink lips form a pouty bow-shape that complements her regal coloring. She's on the shorter side, near or just under five and a half feet tall.

Though her feminine shape well-hidden beneath a warm dress of dove-gray fabric, its monochrome palette makes the stark contrast of silver, strawberry and violet stand out all the more. Though simple, her dress is finely tailored and has a ruffled texture down the legs which makes the tight-fit at the hip draw the eye. A plain black cloak encircles her form, while a leather satchel of some sort is slung across her back.


Saera is the bastard daughter of a Lady of House Velaryon and an unnamed member of a Mummer's troupe. Because it was on their way to King's Landing, the Essosi troupe stopped at Driftmark to perform and make some coin. One of the mummers was said to have seduced or been seduced by the Lady. Though they continued on, she was left with a full belly and had Saera nine months later. The girl was born with the classic Valyrian look and so there was no denying her parentage, though the circumstances of it caused quite a scandal. Rumors say that Lord Velaryon meant to hunt the mummer down and give the babe over, but Lady Velaryon would or could not say which was the father, deepening the scandal.

Counter-rumors about her being the product of a love-affair between the Lord Velaryon and his Lady sister surfaced when she was allowed to stay. In the end these rumors would force Saera to leave Driftmark, but for many years she was taken care of by House Velaryon. She was not given any special tutoring from their Maester, but her mother saw that she learned the harp like many Noble Ladies. She took to it quite well and proved to have a sweet voice. Working on her own she practiced many of the mummer's arts that her mother found so charming, and would often play games with guests to see how long she could pass as someone else.

During her travels she was forced to resort to theft more than once, learned the bare minimum of self defense, and even picked up a handful of languages. Old Valyrian was the language of poetry and art, it was said, so she took to it like a dog to a meaty bone. Braavosi and Low Valyrian came too, due to her encounters with merchants, pirates, cutthroats, and thieves. It was one of these encounters that ended her time with Muse Adrift. A Lyseni pirate Lord offered a large sum for one of their more popular plays to be performed on his ship. When their tiny cog met his vessel, the women were taken and kept as entertainment for the men.

Saera managed to free herself during a failed raid on an Arbor merchant vessel which turned out to be part of the Redwyne fleet. Though the Redwynes did not want a Pirate Lord's concubine staying at court, they were kind enough to give her some food, coin, and passage to Oldtown. Now she seeks the stability and security she's not had since childhood.

RP Hooks

  • Mummer: Are you interested in theater?
  • Singer: Maybe a song?
  • Harpist: Or some music:
  • Bastard: And well aware of it.
  • Wicked Thief: Trying to get by
  • Attacked by Pirates: Doesn't like talking about it
  • Linguist: Can't keep her from talking about it
  • Broke: Always looking for coin
  • Curious: Too much for her own good


  • Sweet Voice
  • Valyrian Beauty
  • Unlucky
  • Bastard Born
  • Indulgent
  • Wealth: Hard Times

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