Sabrine Salt
Janina Gavankar
Janina Gavankar as Sabrine Salt
Name: Sabrine Salt
Aliases: The Dark Madame
Faction: Dorne
Organization: None
Occupation: Owner of the Acacia and Leopard
Rank: Bastard
Age: Feb 2 96 (25)


A statuesque woman at 5'7", Sabrine is definitely of Dornish heritage with her cinnamon skin and black wavy hair that reaches to her mid back. Almond shaped dark eyes and finely arched thick brows define her features as exotic, with her round button nose and her full lips just adding to her overall look. She is all long limbs and soft curves, hinting at a life of luxury with very little hard labor.

She is wearing a brilliant white colored silk dress that drapes down her body lightly, highlighting the color of her skin even more. The dress has been cinched around her waist with a gold belt, the cords of which dangle down to just past her knees. Gold bangles adorn her wrist, while gold disc earrings and numerous gold bands hang around her neck to complete the look.


Sabrine Sand is the daughter of two other bastards, both of whom left Dorne in order to make a living for themselves in Oldtown. The reason they left has always been vague and they never bothered to go into detail with anyone, not even their daughter. Instead they built a life for themselves in Oldtown, opening the Acacia and Leopard as a place for Dornishmen and women to gather and feel a little bit of home in the strange city.

Sabrine's father had died early, when she was about twelve years old. So her mother took the reigns and raised her as best as she could. For as long as she could remember, Sabrine helped to entertain their guests with singing and dancing; but upon her father's death she took on a more important role. Her mother began to train her in the business. Taught her to balance the books and bring in profits, told her about some of their unsavory dealings when it comes to unsavory people (the black market) and how to deal with people who try to assert themselves in their establishment.

Leaving the dancing and singing behind, Sabrine focused entirely on the Acacia and Leopard. As a woman in a place that doesn't take as kindly to women as the Dornish, Sabrine focused intently on how to make herself far more frightening than she might be. When she turned about sixteen she started taking on more and more roles to leave her mother free to deal with the money and the very important clientele.

It isn't until Sabrine was twenty that her mother died as well. Now without further guidance from her mother she floundered at first as a lot of people began to take advantage of her. Within a year of trying to get over her mother's death and casting away her naive eyes, Sabrine slowly gained back her influences and popularity. She refused to listen to her heart and shut it down completely, threw away her lovers for fear of them taking advantage of her and focused on her business entirely. Now she is comfortable in her place, offering a small sanctuary for the Dornishmen to come and sit back and relax while within the confines of a rigid city.

RP Hooks

  • Black Market Ties: Sabrine has quite a few black market ties; want something illegal or hard to get? Contact her. Want to be one of her go-to person? Even better!
  • Influential Contacts: With a lot of friends in different walks of life, Sabrine can help gather some influence; perhaps she owes you a favor or you owe her one? Or maybe just old friends who could use a bit of catching up.
  • Acacia And Leopard: Sabrine owns the Acacia and Leopard; want to work there? Visit? Not a Dornishfolk and want to crash the party? Everything is welcomed.
  • Bastard Parents: Sabrine's parents are both bastards and the reason they left Dorn is shrouded in mystery. Feel free to contact me if you want your characters involved in it too.


  • Heartless
  • Black Market Ties
  • Business Woman
  • Attractive
  • Influential Contacts
  • Wealth: Opulent

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