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Angel Coulby
Angel Coulby as Sable Derossi
Name: Sable Derossi
Aliases: None
Faction: Braavos
Organization: The Iron Bank
Occupation: Representative from the Iron Bank
Rank: Widow
Age: 29

Sable was recalled to Braavos.


This young woman's skin is dark - darker than a Dornishwoman's but lighter than a Summer Islander. Her hair is black and long, twisting into wiry curls as it falls down her back. She has a face of smooth features, with large black eyes and a slightly too-large nose. Just beside her nose is a small black blemish, a frecekle, a little mark. Pretty, handsome perhaps, though by no means a great beauty.

Sable's form is healthy, not overly-slender but with the appropriate swells and plains to give her a womanish figure. For those with a keen-eye, they may go so far as to note her child-bearing hips, and her long neck. She carries herself with the grace and confidence of a proud lady, and her chosen attire is usually of the finest quality that money can by, if not simple in taste. When she speaks, Sable does so with a distinct Braavosi accent, marking her as a foreigner even if her look did not.


Sable Derossi is the only child of Ni‘all Derossi, a renowned representative of the Iron Bank in Braavos. Ni`all’s story is an interesting and a unique one, as his grandfather was an escaped slave from Yunkai who fled to Braavos to be free. By the time Ni`all was grown, the Derossi family was as wealthy as many Lords and Ladies of Westeros, with a large island holding of land, property, and resources.

Sable's upbringing, without a mother, was one of tutors and servants. Ni`all was never an affectionate man, though he was loving. Sable sought to impress him, and followed in his footsteps to the Iron Bank. She had quite a knack for it too, often doing difficult calculations in her head as part of her daily work. She spoke the common tongue, and was given many Westerosi accounts to work on.

It all came to an end when Sable took a husband. They were fond, though there was little love. He was good-looking, but not handsome, strong, and brave - the things that inspire a romantic like Sable. They lost two children before her husband too past, and Sable returned to the Iron Bank.

Over the years, she became more trusted in her work and a greater expert on Westeros. When the opportunity came for her to manage Westeros accounts from Westeros itself, at first she was unsure. But her father, more loving in his old age, encouraged the change in the hopes his daughter would find her excitement for life again.


  • Above Reproach - Sable spends a lot of time in the company of men due to the nature of her work, but it is widely accepted that her innocence, even as a widow, is entirely safe.
  • Haughty - Sable respects Westeros, but if pushed she will happily point out why Braavos is superior.
  • Wealth: Opulent - Between her work at the Iron Bank, the money from her husband, and the wealth she is set to inherit from her father, Sable has far more money than she knows what to do with.
  • Careful Diplomat - Sable knows how to navigate the difficult waters of nobility, money, politics, and international relations.


None of these rumors are confirmed. Some are true, some are false, all can be found ICly.

  • She's a spy for Braavos, pretending to work for the Iron Bank.
  • The reason she can be trusted around men in her work is that she prefers the scandalous company of women.
  • Given half the chance, Sable Derossi will drink a few cups of wine and dance the entire night away.
  • She's the descendant of an escaped slave. An escaped slave - and she rubs elbows with nobility!

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Secret Lover - There is no denying that Elyas Seafarer, as the pirate and brigand is known to Sable, is a handsome and charismatic man. He is everything the Iron Bank is not - and yet this relationship is almost as contractually stringent as any agreement might be. Also it is very secretive.


Acquaintance - Not the sort of woman Sable normally rubs elbows with, but one of the few she has no business with, but rather considers her a pleasure to be around.


Client - The Prince is both very intelligent and very silly. But Sable's business with him will be, she hopes, very lucrative indeed. Already money is changing hands, notes are being written, and ships are being called for this arrangement.


Client and Fop - A minor client who plays at investment like it were a gambling game. To Sable, such creatures are entirely useless.


Princess and Client - Another who does not entirely understand the work of the Iron Bank, but it is through such people that other, larger investments are possible.


Potential Client - A demanding lady who offers quite a bit of business, but who must learn that despite her situation in her little corner of the world, neither she nor any other Westerosi can command the Iron Bank.

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