Character Details
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan as Ryzael Targaryen
Name: Ryzael Targaryen
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Alchemist
Rank: Prince
Age: Aug 22 93 (27)

Prince Ryzael's severed head was found on one of the spikes of the Starry Street Bridge, during the Black Sickness.


A tall and lithe, perhaps even thin, man. His frame is wiry, even muscled to certain degree, yet also thin enough to be called gaunt at times from the right view. His complexion is a fine and pale alabaster that only seems to grow brighter and paler in stronger light. His eyes are a deeply dark violet, almost akin to wine. His hair is a platinum that is even more starkly pale white than his skin. It falls evenly, a healthy shoulder length though usually tied back with a simple leather thong. The same coloration is maintained in the neatly trimmed mustache and goatee that he wears, his appearance seemingly carefully maintained.

His garments reveal a more subtle than usual use of the wealth of his name. While of fine make and cut, the embroidery is less ostentatious and more mild. Indeed, though silks and linens predominate, the garments he wears seem less suited for proud courtly display and more for a level of comfort and style most simply can not afford. All without seeking to merely display the wealth that makes it possible. Yet still the ensemble is that of a wealthy gentleman, and plainly so. A few noteworthy details stand out. First there is the amulet, and rings. They are of bright silverish metal that speaks of value, yet more noteworthy about them are the unconcealed arcane style markings. To those who might recognize, the wearer is plainly marked as a Wisdom of the Alchemist's Guild. Second, the man is not unarmed. A light blade, perhaps like that of a Bravo, and matching dirk are at his waist. They are lightly adorned, more function than form as it were, yet of an undeniably quality make.


Ryzael is a Targaryen born, raised, and trained in King's Landing. He is a Wisdom of the Alchemist's Guild as well as an accomplished physician. Born the third son of his line he pursued a different future than many, as he was very unlikely to inherit. He is well travelled, having gone abroad in the Free Cities to seek knowledge and adventure. In Oldtown he seems to have put down roots and be seeking a more stable life.

RP Hooks

- Mystical Scholar: Any matter relating to anything occult or mystical, Ryzael is interested in. Do you seek his advice? Do you have a book or relic to sell? Or know where one is that begs acquiring? Or perhaps you are a fellow adept seeking like company?

- Spy Master & Mastermind: Ryzael likes to think of himself as a schemer. In this role he associates with a wide variety of people and participates in an even broader array of activities. Searching for some black alchemy? Need a piece of information? Or have some to sell? Thief, Spy, or Assassin for hire looking for work? Looking for a way to interact with the shady side of things?

- Renowned Healer: An exceptional physician with a somewhat lacking bedside manner. Known for his unorthodox and occultish medical practices, which often annoy Maesters yet produce results none the less. Wounded badly enough to seek help from the dark side? Looking for a physician that is a fellow noble and shares your desire for discretion? Have an incurable disease you are willing to try anything to cure? Volunteer test subject?

- Alchemical Savant: Interested in a concoction or compound of some kind? I can't say that alchemy does what you might think it does, however… Ryzael might surprise you with his ability to devise something for your needs. Have an exotic ingredient to sell, or know where one might be found?

- Raw Ambition: Looking for someone to rise to the top with? An ally in your scheme? A rival to scheme against? Is there a resource to be fought over?


  • Blood Of The Dragon
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Alchemical Savant
  • Disliked By Maesters
  • Emotionally Distant
  • Pyromancer

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Betrothed - By All Gods And All Stars, The Most Enchanting Lady I Have Ever Known. And, Better Yet, All Mine Own.


Uncle - Fire And Blood, In The Flesh. I Remember Our Adventures Abroad, And All You Have Taught Me. I Will Never Forget.


Cousin/Aunt - You May Always Rely Upon Me, Dear Auntie.


Cousin - His Gift Is Great, Yet It Has Always Troubled Him. I Will Help Him Bear The Weight Of It.


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