The Lion's Watcher
Bradley James
Bradley James as Rycherd Hill
Name: Rycherd Hill
Aliases: Rych
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: Lannister
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Feb 4 93 (30)


This man is very obviously a Lannister. The golden hair cropped short against his skull, strong jawline and the quiet menace of a lion about to pounce. Sharp cerulean eyes watch everyone about him, measuring and gauging with precision. His large frame, over six feet, fills the room as his broad shoulders and muscled arms strain against the clothing that contains them. Rough calloused hands speak of a man that's not afraid to get his hands dirty. Smile lines around him mouth hints of a sense of humor that only sparks for those he cares for.

Today he's dressed as a knight wearing chain mail armor with lion embossed on the chest plate. Burgundy cloak hangs on his shoulders, sweeping the ground as he walks. Brown leather gloves protect his hands when he wields his sword. Brown leather belt carries his longsword and eating dagger. Brown riding boots come up to the knee, protecting his calves and feet.


Rycherd Hill had the poor taste in being born a couple of weeks before the true Lannister heir, Lorn. The byproduct of Chessa Lannister's personal maid, Phedra, and Jason Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Rycherd earned the scorn of the Lioness of Casterly Rock, Lorn's mother, as he drew his first breath and his mother bled out to her death. Chessa, feeling an emptiness of her womb and feeling responsible for her brother-in-law's infidelity, chose to take the babe as her own special project rather than cast his fate elsewhere. Rycherd Hill was given the bastard surname and kept under Chessa's preview rather than going to Casterly Rock where his life in Westeros would have been short indeed if the Lioness had her say.

Because Chessa had no children of her own, she was able to focus her maternal instincts on the babe. She hired the very best tutors and nurses, trainers and courtiers, to make the boy a gentleman, a knight and her own personal weapon. Her eyes were maternal but appraising of his progress. Rycherd was not the type to disappoint, because he learned early that his childhood was not one typical of the bastard born. When Aunt Chessa visited Casterly Rock, she was always sure to bring the bastard to play with Lorn. Even as the Lioness glared with a stern gaze, Jason didn't object to the two boys being in proximity of each other. So they trained together at times, Rycherd taking hits that he could have parried because at the end of the day, striking the heir wasn't good politics. He never let Lorn know his natural talent with the blade that would eventually make him one of the most dangerous Lannisters on the battlefield.

Because of his bastard status, Rycherd learned restraint at an early age, how to watch others and figure out what they wanted from him. He knew when the Lioness was around to keep his eyes averted and keep to the upmost politeness for she wasn't opposed to striking the young lad when he got out of line in her presence. With Jason, he matched his gaze, showed no fear and drove himself to prove his value to the Lannister household. With Chessa, there was always an odd affection and boyish smiles of a man with a quick mind and wit but he was careful to keep his intelligence under wraps for most. He was being trained to be the muscle, the knight enforcer and family troubleshooter. Someone that would 'fix' situations for Chessa when they needed fixing. Because not all obstacles are just fixed with muscle, she made sure he understood the value of goods, how to trade with the commoners in market, even speak their trader's tongue, and how the Lannister's gold kept the economy healthy in Westeros.

While Lorn was courting his wife, Rycherd was making a name for himself in the lists. Young up and coming knight was a brutal jouster and drew much attention with his blade. He was careful though never to be the best for such honors were for the great lords and a bastard was only good for a decent exercise. While he was not one to turn away the noble ladies that found the knight?s bed a novelty, he had no illusions on why they were there. Unlike the idealistic heir, Rycherd had a better sense not to fall in love.

When Lorn lost his love in childbirth, much like Rycherd lost his birth mother, he was there in the shadows to watch over Lorn's spiral into despair, drugs and debauchery. Under Chessa's request, he kept to the man's side, caroused with him, gambled and whored while every moment keeping an eye on Lorn. When the man was too drunk to walk under his own steam, Rycherd got Lorn to lean on him and would bring him home safe. When Lorn slipped his leash from his father's retainers and wrecked his surroundings with his wild parties, Rycherd was there to investigate, cover for the missing heir and see to restitution of his destructive ways. While Chessa blistered Lorn with her tongue and goaded him to be better, Rycherd was the one that listened to Lorn, let him talk and didn't judge. He just took care of the Lannister heir, and when bastards were born, he made sure the women got compensated because a Lannister always pays their debts. Under Chessa's consent would see to the bastards being seen to so they would want for nothing. As they grew older, he would groom them to be like him, an extension of Chessa's will to protect the Lannister name.

When matters hit breaking point and Lorn learned how to mask his pain, Rycherd was one of the few that got privy to the real man underneath. Who needs to put on a face in front of his bastard brother? With Rycherd, Lorn has never had to be anything more than he is. While he's staunchly refused to marry, Rycherd has under Chessa's guidance carefully arranged for Lorn to meet some of the beautiful noblewomen that are at court. He never pushes but he is making sure that Lorn is out there circulating. He carefully investigates his would-be brides to make sure they bear an advantage for the Lannister name.

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Bastard Born
  • Family Fixer
  • Fiercely Loyal
  • Never Forgets a Face
  • Secret Weapon

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Brother of Cups - Heir to Casterly Rock, he might be. But to me he is my brother, my friend and a man whom I would never challenge to a drinking contest.


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