Ser Teeth
Pawel Bednarek
Pawel Bednarek as Ryce Florent
Name: Ryce Florent
Aliases: Teardrop, Ser Teeth.
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Noble
Rank: Nobleman
Age: Feb 2 101 (20)


He's freakishly tall but a quite dashing younger man, standing at roughly six feet five inches tall. He towers over most of his family but remains a warm hearted 'gentle giant'. At around twenty years of age he still is in his prime and has many years left to discover what life has to offer, but spends most of his time in the realm of reading and fantasy with his nose shoved into a book. Not the lanky, skinny, and scrawny type of bookworm though.

He's actually quite set in stone, his facial features strong and compact, his lush and soft hair slicked back. He's quite muscular, arms, chest and all and his face is smooth, cleanly shaven. One could call him handsome, and handsome would be correct, regardless of his Florent ears.

He's dressed in simple garb for the most part, he sports a simple white silk shirt, a blue overcoat which lays over it, and some tight fitting red trousers, all colors combined make Florent colors. Ryce is alot more comfortable with his eyes set in a book then he is with people, people scare him! He's awful high-strung when it comes to social interaction but he can say and do enough to not be deemed socially akward.


A son of Lord Alywn Florent, and brother to the notable Sera Florent. Ryce was much of what his mother wanted but not of what his father wanted. He was a loving son, and a loving brother to his siblings but he lacked boyish tendencies and acted more as a girl then anything. He liked singing, dancing, and playing the lute, and gardening. Needless to say, he didn't spend much time playing with his sister Sera who was a polar opposite of him, or any of his brothers for that matter. But instead he just did his other sisters hair who were more lady-like, and he sung and dance with them.

His mother left to King's Landing with his youngest sister when he was around fourteen, and he desperately wanted to come with but was held back by his father who was set upon shaping Ryce into a man. Ultimately, his father ended up not getting what he wanted despite trying, but now Ryce developed habit of reading which arose from seemingly nowhere. But his father learned to deal with it and was just happy that it replaced most of his time his son spent knitting and dancing, and that he'd be out of the house in a few years. As he grew older, he felt that his true calling was to become that of a bookman and to pursue his interest in the fine arts of reading, so he moved to Oldtown where he was followed by his youngest sister, Sera.

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  • Wealth: Comfortable - He's in the same position as most of his siblings, he's a Florent so he is quite comfortable.
  • Handsome - He could be a womanizer if he wanted, but that isn't really his thing - books are more within his comfort zone then a lady.
  • High-Strung - An aspect of his personality, he'll crack under the slightest insult or action that he deems malicious to himself or his family. It's rumored that he sunk his teeth into the ear of a boy who was messing with one of sisters when he was younger and he tore it clean off and spit it in his face, gaining the nickname 'Ser Teeth'.
  • Bookworm - He loves his books, one finding him cuddled up with a good book is quite a common occurrence.
  • Tall - He's the tallest in the family, and was teased about it when he was younger but in good-taste. He just lives with it and doesn't give it much thought.

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Sister - Ryce loves his little sister with all of his heart, and he'd die for her if it was needed. She was nice to him when he was younger, and he saw her nothing short of an angel. His only wish in life is that her life always be filled with happiness and fun, and he will help sister if she ever calls upon him for a favor.


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