Bethany Galeotti
Bethany Galeotti as Rosana
Name: Rosana
Aliases: Captain Rose
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: None
Occupation: Pirate Captain
Rank: Bastard
Age: Sep 4 101 (19)


A tall young woman who stands at a single inch below six feet. Loose waves of golden brown hair fall down past her shoulder blades stopping just below them. Curved brows sit above almond shaped eyes of a warm brown that are veiled by dark lashes. Where it can be seen her skin is tanned to a golden hue that makes her hair seem even lighter than it is. Her face is clear from any sort of blemishes. A short pointed nose sits above full slightly wide lips that possess a rosy pink tint to them. High cheekbones lead down to a slightly wide and gently rounded jaw and a rounded chin. A long slender neck leads down to a slender and well proportioned body.


Rosana is the bastard daughter of a lesser Lannister nobleman and a merchants daughter. Born into a fairly wealthy merchant family Rosana's mother was ambitious and it was that ambition that was her undoing. She went from a respectable daughter of a wealthy merchant to an outcast as soon as her daughter as born. She did not want the child and left her with her brother to raise while she ran off to hide her shame elsewhere. Rosana's uncle was an odd sort he had two sons who both dreamed of being fighters so he got them a tutor. Rosana snuck in on the lessons and practiced with stableboy's and any who would help her train. her dedication far outmatched her cousins and so at her uncles whim she was included in the lessons. By the time she was thirteen she could beat both her cousins at sparring. She was a proud and independent girl and she dreamed of adventure. When a lesser bannerman of the Iron Isles passed through thye area he was impressed by Rosana's strength and beauty. They ran away together and he took her to the sea….it was then she discovered what freedom and love truly were. She sailed with the lord for a few years impressing and enchanting his crew with her skill and talent. The lord grew jealous as his crew seemed to admire her even more than the respected him and yet she refused to give him children. He decided to make and example of her and push her overboard but she was too quick dodging to the side and spinning about to hold a blade to his throat. The crew was angry thier fomer captian who they deemed soft and weak had tried to kill a strong women and failed. Rosana killed him instead and took his crew and ship. She became the Captain of the Golden Rose and despite the flowery name of the ship she was a fierce and strong captain. Years of sailing around the world have brought her and her crew to Oldtown in search of her newest adventurer.

RP Hooks

  • Rosana is a pirate captain of the ship called the Golden Rose. Any fellow pirates or smugglers may know her
  • Certain nobles may notice her features are similar to that of the Lannisters.


  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Bastard Born
  • Stubborn
  • Charismatic
  • Attractive
  • Infamous: Pirate Captain

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