Fastest Bow in the Reach
Scott Grimes
Scott Grimes as Rory
Name: Rory
Aliases: The Ginger Fox
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Guide
Rank: None
Age: Aug 12 85 (35)


This man has a certain joyful aura about him. Crow's feet around the eyes and smile lines around his thin mouth indicate he does his fair share of laughing. Soft, brown eyes peek out from under a strong brow and sit to each side of a long, thin nose. A thatch of red hair sits atop his head, kept cut short and a bushy ginger beard serves to protect his face against the elements.

A roughspun green tunic hangs upon his body, the sleeves tucked into his leather armguards. He wears tough, brown leather trousers run down his legs and disappear into the tops of his knee-high leather boots. Across his body hangs a simple longbow and a quiver and around his waist is his swordbelt.


If you asked Rory to list the places he's seen, he'd probably go on for hours about the breasts of the women in Braavos and some bastard who owes him money in Dorne. Chances are he'd even tell you he was next in line for the throne, but decided that the life of a traveler would suit him better. In reality; Rory's never left the Reach. Born to lowborn parents just outside of Oldtown, Rory didn't exactly have the easiest lot in life, but you'd never hear him complaining about it. His mother was a bar wench and his father served as a tracker and guide. Simple beginnings to a simple life. He'd split his time between helping his mother in the bar, entertaining the drinkers with his wild tales of fancy, and going out into the wilderness with his father where he would learn the tricks of the trade. In any case, things stayed pretty consistent for the boy up until his father died during Rory's twenty fifth year.

Forced to pick up where his father left off, Rory plucked up his bow, strapped on his sword, and went about being the best darn forest guide that he could be. After spending so much time with his father in the field, Rory was essentially a natural. "No better eye in Westeros", he'd tell you, before shooting a worm out of a crow's mouth, or some such nonsense. After ten years of work, Rory's gotten even better at what he does, and is still sitting outside of Oldtown's gates, a pipe in his mouth; just waiting to lead someone on an adventure.

RP Hooks

Need to take a trip across the Reach? It's dangerous to go alone. Take Rory!


  • Jovial - You'll never catch good ol' Rory frownin'.
  • Storyteller - Rory's lived a good life worthy of plenty of good (if not slightly embellished) tales.
  • Wealth: Poor - Makes enough money in the summer to last through the winter and vice versa. If only barely.
  • Keen Sense: Sight - Best eye in all of Westeros, he's got.

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Mother - His mother is still alive and living in Oldtown. While they don't spend as much time together as they used to, they still try to catch up when Rory's not hanging out in the woods.


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