Character Details
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe as Ronas
Name: Ronas
Aliases: Birdkeeper, Nestminder, Bully of the Dogs, Ten Toes Today
Faction: The Reach
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation: Maester
Rank: Maester
Age: Aug 24 78 (43)


Maester Ronas is dressed in the traditional black robe of his people, keeping his hem just above the ankle and his sandaled feet in view. His chain has several notable links, including copper, nickel, palladium, pewter, red gold, and a prominent link of yellow gold. Attached to it, there's two locks, one of brass and one of copper, both bound tightly and permanently affixed.
He has a shaved head but a full beard, looking to be well-fed without appearing plump, and in good health. Both of his hands are lightly scarred from hard work at a younger age, as is his neck tanned from years of outdoor living. His eyes are very clear, moving only to focus a new subject for scrutiny with unusual intensity.


One is raised to be a good student, a fine father, a savvy merchant, and the best example of a man as possible. Then there's Ronas. He was born into a less-popular branch of a greater House, soon to live out a life of miserable nonadvancement, thanks to having two elder brothers. When a passing Maester took note of the boy who had an ear for gossip and the means to use it well, he became a student in a fine tradition of Maesters: economic and political meddling. For a long time, he was a Little Bird, then discovered his keeper was not intent on sending him further up the food chain and would instead keep him in place, using him as a pawn against his own family. Per both Maester and Tyrell tradition, the Little Bird crapped on his keeper and left him high and dry, stuck on a dock with ten Braavosi sailors wondering what happened to their payroll and who the little boy was, waving as the boat sailed onward as they excavated his chest of interesting organs by daggerpoit. By the time he'd arrived at The Citadel, he knew who to talk to about being more than a Little Bird. Studying was painful and the times were lean, yet he managed to get by, through trickery, deception, hard work, and above all, leverage.

His first assignment was to a merchant house, serving as their Maester for a brief tenure, leaving when the firstborn became a captain of the guard in the local tradeport, his job concluded to mutual satisfaction.

The next assignment, after being shuffled off with diplomatic pleasure, was to the wife of a knight more fond of distant battles and whores than his own keep. When the knight returned, there were two foundling children in the village and a small scandal surrounding his brother. The brother, exiled soon after, escorted the good Maester to The Citadel, choosing to serve the people who'd so helped his family and were determined to see him become a better man.

That man, the brother of the knight, did not live long enough to lament his luck when he found out the Maester was to blame and he'd unwittingly accepted responsibility. Accidents happen, it's said. They're right. Ask the Little Birds.

His new assignment is an inspector for the esoteric health codes, keeping the region healthful and profitable. The fact he has accepted the odd bribe is purely coincidence, as his account at the Iron Bank of Braavos. He needs no safe to protect his money: he's just a Little Bird to a better class of keeper, yet he's happier than ever.

RP Hooks

  • Tyrell born: Tyrell for life.
  • Maester: a scholar in the laws of The Citadel and beyond.
  • The Case and Causes of Public Health: the book he is never without.
  • Multilingual: Five languages and counting.


  • Braavosi
  • Common
  • High Valyrian
  • Low Valyrian
  • Summer Tongue
  • Trade Tongue


  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Never Forgets a Face
  • Iron Stomach
  • Extortionist
  • Observant
  • Little Birds Everywhere

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