The Lady Bravo
Morena Baccarin
Morena Baccarin as Rona Vielo
Name: Rona Vielo
Aliases: The Lady Bravo, Rona Flowers
Faction: The Free Cities
Occupation: Bravo
Age: 25 (09-14-95)

Swift as a deerQuiet as shadowQuick as a snake
Calm as still waterStrong as a bearFierce as a wolverine
Fear cuts deeper than swords
The man who fears losing has already lost


This exotic creature moves with an unmistakable swagger, and nearly always looks others directly in the eye. Her butterscotch skin is the clearest evidence of her foreign blood, the picture completed by her distinctive Braavosi accent and manner of speech. Her dark brown eyes have an elfish tilt, complimented by a high button nose and dimpled smile. Silky curls of deep brunette hair frame the soft features of her face. A long, swan-like neck compliments her deceptively slender form. She may seem dainty at first, but she bears the lithe musculature of a dancer.



Furio Vielo was one of the deadliest swordsmen in Braavos. When his blade was drawn, his foes fell in a blinding flash of blood and steel. Maiden's Kiss, it was called; a blade supposedly so fine and sharp that its cut felt as soft and gentle as the caress of a woman's lips.

Vielo had no shortage of rivals in Braavos — men he had offended, young bravos seeking to make their name, and so on — and prudently often found himself aboard ships sailing for other lands. He frequently found his land legs in Westerosi port towns. During one such stint in Oldtown he saved the life of a young nobleman named Killian Costayne from a gang of drunken sailors, and found a steadfast friend for life.

The master Water Dancer, Furio Vielo.

A Forbidden Love

Furio and Killian became as brothers. But when the dashing bravo met Killian's sister, he looked at her as anything but a sibling. Lady Clara was a stunning beauty with a heart of gold. Furio had always loved easily, but never before had he loved so deeply.

Maiden's Kiss

Rona's great-great grandfather was a bravo named Padren Tarvosi. He was challenged to a duel by the great knight, Ser Draegar Targaryen — wielder of the Valyrian steel blade, Heartfire. Ser Draegar was in love with Padren's bride-to-be, and wished to claim her hand with his victory. Padren agreed, but on the condition that if he won, Heartfire would become his.

Maidens_Kiss.jpgBoth men were masters of the blade, and the duel seemed endless. Some say they fought for days. All that is certain is that as the sun set on their duel, with each man cut, exhausted, and possibly breathing their last breaths, Padren's blade found Ser Draegar's heart. There he left it, and as the knight fell, Padren claimed Heartfire. Even before he saw a healer for his wounds, the bravo took the sword to the most skilled swordsmith in Braavos, who reforged it into the now legendary Braavosi blade, Maiden's Kiss.

Furio made no secret of his affection for her…a fact that annoyed her husband greatly. Trenton Bulwer was known as a dire and dangerous man, and he prized his lovely bride greatly. He suspected a dalliance between Furio and Clara, but his wife convinced him that she felt nothing for the Braavosi duelist. He believed her, in spite of his misgivings, at least until the birth of what he thought to be their youngest child.

The baby girl clearly resembled the foreigner, and in the face of Trenton's vicious accusations, Clara admitted the affair defiantly. In his rage, Trenton beat her savagely, and vowed to send the child to the Silent Sisters. Clara fled with her daughter to Oldtown, hoping for safe haven in her brother's home. When Furio saw her bruised and bloodied face, his Braavosi passion flared into anger. Trenton arrived in Oldtown the following day, and found himself facing a wrathful Furio Vielo in the town center. The city looked on as Furio demanded justice, drawing Maiden's Kiss and challenging Trenton to a duel to the death. The lordling obliged the bravo, and the two men clashed, one for his dignity, the other for love.

A Worthy Ending

Love triumphed that day, but it was a hollow victory. As Trenton Bulwer's blood stained the cobbles of Oldtown, Furio Vielo was bound in fetters and removed to the gaol. Killian was beside himself. His dearest friend had just killed his brother-in-law, and there seemed no way the law would side in favor of a foreign man who slayed a Westerosi lord.

To make matters worse, Trenton's brother, Ser Harrian Bulwer, soon arrived in town, demanding that Vielo be turned over to him for justice. Ser Harrian was an honorable knight, but a severe man that held to an old code, and would not rest until blood paid for blood.

Furio was resigned to his fate. He knew he was to die, but he believed he was dying for something worthy. When Clara came to his cell, he believed she had come to say goodbye. When the guards left them alone, thanks to a bribe from Killian, he believed that goodbye would be particularly pleasant. What he did not expect was the sleeping baby pressed into his arms. Clara told him of a ship sailing for the Free Cities that very night, and begged him to leave with their little Rona. He begged her to join him, but she would not leave her other children behind. So after she left, father and daughter fled to the docks and set sail for Braavos.


The Lady Bravo

Furio raised his little Rona the best way he knew how. He was a bravo, a fighting man. He knew that one day Ser Harrian might come looking for blood, and he wanted her to always be protected. So he taught Rona the Water Dance. Though Furio knew plenty of women that helped to raise the girl, her primary education was with the sword.

So it was that Rona Vielo grew up among bravos, courtesans, fishmongers, and traders. Being a female bravo earned her scorn from some, and admiration from others. But her skills were indisputable. She had been trained by one of the greatest Water Dancers in Braavos, and inherited his formidable talent. By the age of thirteen she had won her first duel. By sixteen she was regularly fending off both the swords and hands of men, for just as her father had passed on his gift for the blade, her mother had given her beauty.

Rona shared her father's lust for life. She thrilled at the challenges each night would bring, and swaggered through the wharves and alleys of Braavos with all the assurance and daring of any male bravo. If anything, she felt she had that much more to prove because of her gender.


A Legend Falls

Even Furio Vielo was not invincible. He had a long-standing rivalry with Arvos Sevil, and in a final duel between the two, it was Furio that tasted Arvos's steel.

Rona's grief consumed her. For five days, she did not emerge from her home, and welcomed no visitors. When she finally appeared, she was wearing her father's sword. She sought out Sevil and challenged him. The older bravo was a demon with the blade, but Rona had learned her lessons well. Though devastated by the loss of her father, she channeled her pain into quiet rage, letting her emotions flow through her. Their duel lasted hours, but in the end, Maiden's Kiss broke another heart.

Arvos Sevil was a cousin of the Sealord, and though the duel was legal, Rona was not so foolish as to believe there would be no repercussion for what she had done. Her father was the only family she had in Braavos, but she knew that Westerosi blood also ran in her veins. By the following morning, Rona Vielo was shipboard and bound for Oldtown, determined to find her mother and make a new life for herself.

Return to Braavos

Rona's search for her mother and a new path was cut short when she received word from Braavos that a childhood friend had run afoul of the Sealord's displeasure as well. She suspected it might be a ploy to lure her back to the Free Cities, but she would not leave her friend to suffer alone. So she left Oldtown without a word, hoping to reach Braavos before the Sealord knew she was coming.

But when Rona stepped off of the docks, there were many bravos waiting for her. She wasn't going to avoid her fate any longer. She was taken before the Sealord to answer for his cousin's death. She had committed no crime, so her "punishment" came in the guise of reward. She was ordered to serve as a bodyguard to Arvos Sevil's young widow, Malia.

Rona expected to be tormented daily by the woman, but Malia Sevil turned out to be a quiet, private person with no apparent axe to grind. If anything, the worst part of the job was boredom. Rona began to hear stories from neighbors and associates of the Sevils, and she pieced together the reality of Malia's life with Arvos. Rona knew him to be a bloodthirsty swordsman, but it seemed that he was a man of dark appetites in other aspects of his life. In time, Rona came to understand that Malia viewed her not as her husband's killer, but as her savior. Against anyone's predictions, Rona and Malia formed an unspoken bond, and even after Rona's "sentence" was over and she was free to leave Malia's service, she regularly looked in on the woman and made certain it was known that she was under the Lady Bravo's protection.

Perhaps that had been the Sealord's intention all along.


Bastard Born Though her bastardy isn't yet well known, those that were around Oldtown in the year 95 may remember the famous duel fought due to the birth of the bastard, half-Braavosi girl.
Foreigner: Braavosi Though half-Westerosi, her foreign blood is obvious in the color of her skin, her brash ways, and distinctive Braavosi accent.
Hot-Blooded Like many Braavosi, Rona's is a passionate woman. She is as quick with her feelings as she is with her blade.
Prodigal Money is made to be spent! Rona is a spendthrift, rarely able to save more than she needs to survive the next week or so.
Exotic Beauty Rona's mixed heritage and natural elegance turn many heads when she saunters by.
Wealth: Poor Once living the good life in Braavos, Rona is new to Westeros, and barely has a copper star to her name.

On Dueling

In spite of Rona being a duelist, and an excellent swordswoman, I am not looking for a lot of combat scenes, especially when the dice come out. Rolling has a way of slowing scenes down to a crawl, and I'm more interested in telling a good story than throwing numbers at one another.

RP Hooks

  • Bravo: Rona is one of the colorful duelists of Braavos. She is proud, utterly devoted to her art, and quick to rise to a challenge. (Usage note: A Braavosi is a person from the Free City of Braavos, and a bravo is a member of the dueling tradition of that city.)
  • Family History: The duel between Rona's father, Furio Vielo, and Trenton Bulwer happened quite publicly in the middle of Oldtown twenty-five years ago. Though the event has passed out of recent memory, the reasons for it being even more obscure, there are still plenty around who were there when it happened, and the Vielo name may jog the memory.
    • There is one that has certainly not forgotten that fateful day: Ser Harrian Bulwer has wanted to spill Vielo blood ever since he learned of his brother's death.
  • Familiar Stranger:This isn't Rona's first visit to Westeros. She came to Oldtown in the year 121 and made a bit of a splash.

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He was very quiet when we first met, but after seeing me duel, he showed a great appreciation for my skills. We became good friends, and I began to think that there could be something more. But I was so wrong. No man who is so fearful of his own feelings could handle me.

Furio Vielo (Deceased)

Furio Vielo (Deceased)
My dear father. A legendary swordsman and notorious lover of women. I can only pray that I am truly worthy to carry his blade.


The roguish devil owed my father a few favors. So when I had to get out of Braavos quickly, I called in the debt. He's a decent captain, so I stayed on as crew until the Moondancer made port at Oldtown.


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