Character Details
Johan Hegg
Johan Hegg as Riker Blacktyde
Name: Riker Blacktyde
Aliases: -
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: None
Occupation: Reaver and Lord
Rank: Captain
Age: Jun 20 87 (33)


A tall man around six foot. His hair and eyes are dark. The ominous look that shadows his features seems to fit his cruel smile. The leathers he wears black and soiled, his boots as well. His garb invites you to question it as does the steel he wears at his side. Old and aged but well kept.


Born the Second son of Grandish Blacktyde, Riker seemed to be a runt, scrawny and short haired, sickly even. But runts often prove to outgrow their siblings. Two years younger than his older brother, the boys grew up together fast friends until his older sibling, Markish, became wild and wanton, as is oft the case with the ironborn. The sons grew and their salty ways began to take place. As well as Riker's growth spurt. He would soon make short work of his brother in those earlier years, and no one was surprised when Riker proved to be more adept at the fine art of combat. Twas no mystery when they were young and their antics as young boys were seen, finger dancing, drinking, and brawling with other boys. The youths times soon manifested itself into deadly and dangerous games. The results were Markish picking on the younger Riker. Though, that was an ill-conceived idea, size and ferocity soon gained the elder a more complacent nature. Riker had no wish to be picked upon and the beatings he lay on his older brother proved this. Grandish quickly recognizing the /important/ quality in his younger son, seemed pleased. The large youth was soon sent to sail with the Botley's, as the Lord of the Iron islands had sent him to harry the coast of the mainlanders he figured he may as well have stake in anything paid for with the /iron/ price by his vassal.

Ragmet Botley shaped the young youth into a sinister and unrelenting fool as they reaved the Shield Islands and even down to the western shores of Dorne. Rebelling against the yoke of the Targaryens, no quater was given. When Riker returned he had no use or want for remaining on the island of Blacktyde and he would decide to soon set sail again. But not after visiting his kin of course. After an unfortunate incident with one of his fathers men and a drunken game of dice, his sire would be left one sword short. While deaths under the rule of the Greyjoys is not uncommon, men stuck in their back while they sleep is. It was enough for speculation and insults to fly , and this time when he left it was made clear he would not be welcome back. And so he left, with his own ship. One taken while at sea as he grew into his own, claiming salt wives and thralls, and ever making sacrafices to his drowned gods while under the expert tuteledge of the Botley.

It is said he has sailed around Westeros and even as far north as Hardhome. He claims to have visited Bravos and many free-cities as well on his journeys and even keeps with him a small entourage. Feren, called, The Malcontent Maester, Peri, a young girl from Lys and Shuzak a self proclaimed slaver from Ghis.

Recent events have brought him and his wayward companions to Oldtown. Currently his vessel, /The homely whore/ is docked there now. He is often seen in the city and near it's slums. Though his crew remains onboard most of the time. It is rumored that he often makes pilgramages to Volantis as well. Though never without the woman the men call /the wet one/. He attributes all journeys he has sailed safely from, to the drowned god. But rumors say his men pay homage to the /priestess/ he keeps with him. Though those words are spoke in private…

RP Hooks

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  • Illiterate
  • Easily Offended
  • Gullible
  • Greedy
  • wealth:middle class

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