The Sworn Sword
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson as Rhodry Storm
Name: Rhodry Storm
Aliases: The Black Sun
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Oct 9 95 (25)


Blue eyes, framed by a bold brow and cheekbones just short of what would be called high, keenly weigh the world as Rhodry Storm makes his way through it. A knowing smile sometimes softens a warrior's nose, raised and twisted slightly across the bridge, which comes to a nicely rounded point. Chestnut hair shorn about a finger's length from the scalp generally has a disheveled look, leaving one to only guess that it was tousled after a wash and left that way.

The care that he takes with his body is readily apparent. Like any instrument of war, he keeps it properly honed, and at a height greater than a good number of his fellow knights, it is an impressive instrument.

Going about daily business, Rhodry is still prepared to meet any threats that might present themselves to him or his betters. His head, neck and shoulders are protected by a mail coif that can be drawn up over his scalp. Additionally, the waist of the gambeson is drawn in by a sword belt, which is home to a plain steel blade, and his feet are shod by cured leather boots treated with animal fat to keep out the moisture. The rest of his outfit consists of a simple gambeson in Florent blue and woolen trousers in brown.


Rhodry is the bastard son of the Lord of Ashton, head of House Ashton. He grew up at Nightsong with funding provided by Ashton, but he never knew his blood relatives. After training for knighthood with House Caron of Nightsong, he was sent to the Dornish Marches where he distinguished himself.

After saving the life of Lord Alwyn Florent, he was knighted and taken into service by Brightwater Keep. For several years now he has served with distinction and has now been sent to Oldtown, entrusted with the safety of Lady Sera Florent and the honor of all of House Florent.

RP Hooks

  • Head of House's bastard: Rhodry is the illegitimate son of the head of House Ashton of Ashton. If you have any connections to the house or its seat, you would not know him personally, but would almost certainly have heard of him.
  • Dornish Marches: Rhodry was a captain in the Marches. A lot of men fought under his command at various points and he left in a fairly grand fashion. Perhaps you heard about the day he saved Lord Alwyn Florent from the Dornish through someone else who fought in the Marches. Maybe you're Dornish and you've heard of the Black Sun banner and the men who fought under it.
  • Nightsong upbringing: Rhodry was raised at Nightsong by House Caron. It was an unremarkable youth, but no bastard begotten by nobility goes unnoticed. Anyone who had been to Nightsong during Rhodry's early life would have some knowledge of his history.
  • Florent household knight: Rhodry is a dutiful retainer to House Florent. Whether you support them or oppose them, if you have a relationship with House Florent, you also have one with Rhodry.


  • Ambitious
  • Dutiful
  • Patient
  • Broody


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