Character Details
Jaime Murray
Jaime Murray as Rhaera
Name: Rhaera
Aliases: Raya
Faction: Faith Of The Seven
Organization: The Motherhouse
Occupation: Septa
Rank: Septa
Age: Aug 12 92 (31)


It's clear from the start that this woman is a septa. She's tall and arguably slender, for she wears the long, unadorned, and largely shapeless dress of clergy of no special importance, a dull hue that straddles the colour of straw and that of dirty water — although the garb itself is well cared for. In a slightly lighter, creamier shade, she wears a head covering that frames her face tightly, disguising her hair entirely and flowing behind her shoulders. Its wide strap loops under her chin, leaving her throat unclothed as only one of three windows into bare skin, the others being her hands and her face.

In the realm of thirty seasons, she is pale but vibrant with rosy cheeks and regal look: prominent cheekbones, a long nose, and lips that are full on both the top and bottom, and a combination of features that mix to make her appear somehow innately … devious, despite her evident devotion to the Faith of the Seven. Her eyebrows are starkly sable above eyes that seem to hold secrets in their deep dark violet.



RP Hooks

  • Currently: missing from Oldtown after being escorted her all the way from the Vale by septas, she was thought to have been kidnapped from the docks.
  • The Faith, The Sept
  • Targaryens and Velaryons, Dragonstone and Driftmark
  • Ties to House Arryn shrouded in confusion


Obsessive Self-Indulgent
Trickster Capricious

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