Character Details
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam as Rhaegor Targaryen
Name: Rhaegor Targaryen
Aliases: The Scourge of Qarth
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Prince
Age: Oct 7 90 (32)


A son of House Targaryen, tall and broad of shoulder, well muscled by years spent in armor. His hair is fair, favoring the blood of Old Valyria, his eyes pale but hinting at violet. His jaw is coated with scruff, and he casts an imposing figure for how he seems to loom over everyone and everything.


Rhaegor Targaryen is a nephew of King Viserys I, a fixture of the royal court for all of his adult life. Only two things have led him to have extended periods away from it: Battle and dragons. The former speaks for itself. He earned his knighthood when he was barely a man, squiring for one of his esteemed Targaryen relations and distinguishing himself as an able swordhand and a cunning strategist. He showed none of the signs of madness sometimes evident in those of his bloodline, where the gene pool at times runs rather shallow, though it isn't to say he is without the characteristic Targaryen temper. His blood runs hot, but his is the gift of transmuting his passion into productivity. His ability to achieve results for the Crown has earned him distinctions, and he has often been called upon to serve the King's will, whether it be at the tip of the blade or the tip of his tongue. Over the years, Rhaegor has shown himself to be reliable in matters of state and diplomacy, having the gift of persuading others to not only surrender to his cause but to champion it. He is a forward thinker, intent on informing his choices with predictions of what might come to pass, rather than risk the chance of being caught off-guard.

In his early adulthood, Rhaegor was a dragonrider. His mount, Nyraxes, was a young dragon with promise of maturing into a truly great one. Poachers from Qarth, warlocks with a mind to harvest the wyrm for components to be used in their foreign magicks, caught the dragon in its nest and slew it, inspiring a blood feud that saw Rhaegor chasing them across the sea in the name of vengeance. He had it, and his retribution was so intense that his men returned calling him the Scourge of Qarth, for how red he made its dusty streets run with the blood of warlocks. When he returned, he was still a young man, still full of fire, but changed by his travels. A wife was chosen for him from the eligible daughters of House Velaryon, a beauty chosen with the intention of rewarding him for his abiding fealty to House Targaryen. She bore him a few babes, but the last of them was born still, and she fell into a deep mourning. In a sudden fit of piety, she swore herself into service to the Seven, abdicating her vows of marriage and motherhood in favor of those of a septa. She left Rhaegor with three legitimate children to his name, a boy and two girls.

Following the Trial of the Seven, Rhaegor was tasked with traveling to Oldtown as King Viserys' overseer of diplomatic relations with the Dornish. Rhaenys had made a report to the King following her return from Oldtown, and he was so alarmed that he arranged for an envoy to return to finish the work she had begun, putting Rhaegor at the helm.

RP Hooks

Blood of the Dragon: Rhaegor is a son of House Targaryen, known within the family for his loyalty and sense of duty. Beyond the family, he has a reputation for being more level-headed than some of his kin.

Diplomat: Officially charged with promoting diplomacy with the Dornish, Rhaegor has been installed in Oldtown by King Viserys. It is known among the nobility that this is his purpose in arriving at Oldtown, though it is also known that he provides a link back to the Crown should any lords or ladies wish to pursue other matters of import with him.

Dragonrider: Rhaegor's history as a dragonrider is well known, as is the tragic poaching of his wyrm by Qarthian warlocks.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Infamous: The Scourge of Qarth
  • Cunning Diplomat

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Future Wife - Their betrothal has been mandated by King Viserys and Amarei of Dorne.


Bromance - Rhaegor's squire during the time of his bloody Qarthian quest for vengeance. He knighted his younger cousin during the campaign, and though few would dare ask the specifics, it is widely believed that the younger Targaryen saved the elder's life. Vhaegor remains among his most trusted men, and their Targaryen kin know better than to contribute to rumors of his illegitimacy and let Rhaegor find out about it.


Cousin - The Golden Dragon is a preferred companion. They are, after all, both dragonriders who have lost their dragons… only she doesn't realize it.


Paternal - The Dragonseed boy is of interest to the Crown and to Rhaegor. Plus, he seems genuinely fond of the little lad, and he is so rarely fond of anything.


Rhaegor has three children by his first wife, Naelyssa Velaryon. They are Viseron Targaryen (aged 11), Maenyra Targaryen (aged 9) and Caella Targaryen (6).


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