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Emilia Fox as Reyna Lothston
Name: Reyna Lothston
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Occupation: Head of House
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Age: 23


Standing at 5'6", this woman stands shorter than most men and some women. With a slender, athletic frame, her features are best described as handsome, moreso than pretty. Her most striking feature is her crimson-hued hair, which hangs loose, the scarlet locks framing her face and reaching to her shoulders. The dark red of her hair provides a striking contrast against her fair skin, and her features are delicate, with dark, luminous eyes.

A dark, dress of ebony silk covers this woman, the bodice hugging her upper body and flowing down into loose skirts which reach to just shy of the floor. The dress features wide, billowing sleeves, and gold-dyed trim along the neckline and elsewhere. Though generally hidden by her skirts, she tends to wear a pair of soft riding boots upon her feet. She is often found wearing tightly-fitting black steel armor covering her upper body and arms, darkly gleaming in the light.


  • Lady Reyna Lothston was born a member of the main house's family, but the daughter of the current Head of House's younger sister. When she was born, there had already been rumors circulating as to her Aunt Vin's lack of an heir and increasing age.
  • Even as a small girl, Reyna proved to be a self-entitled child of violent tendencies, who enjoyed hurting others, and lording her position over those below her.
  • Her fondness for violence would likely diminish the surprise of her decision to pursue the art of the blade. She took lessons from the knights in service to her family, but did not become a squire. She had not interest in being a knight, she was already a Lady.
  • As Reyna grew to be a teenager, it had years ago been assumed that her Aunt was indeed barren, and she had now grown beyond likely child-bearing years, so people began to speculate upon the future of House Lothston.
  • When Reyna was 16, a small noble House defected from House Tully near the lands of House Lothston. Reyna, who had with her mother's assistance, been pressuring her aunt to name her the heir, took this as an opportunity to garner the reputation to finally push her into doing it.
  • Reyna took a small regiment of her House's men-at-arms to hunt down the forces of this small house. After a small skirmish, most of the traitors retreated, but a number of their men were captured, in varying degrees of health.
  • That night, after the battle, would be the start of the future Lady Lothston's reputation. Wanting to know where the traitors would have retreated to, she had the prisoners arranged in the middle of her own force's camp. Reyna set to torturing the traitors one by one in full view of the entire camp and their fellow prisoners, the first was given an hour before she killed him and moved to the next. Each man receiving less time than the last, until finally the seventh man broke and told her the traitors had holed up in an abandoned fort in the hills nearby.
  • Using that information, Reyna would rally her men and put a quick end to the rest of the traitors before returning to Harrenhal, with every member of her army's tongue wagging about the events.
  • Doing this favor for House Tully was the final nudge she needed, and her Aunt named her the heir of House Lothston.
  • Reyna would quickly settle into her role, and her aunt's health would begin to fail. After three years, Vin stepped down and named Reyna the Head of House Lothston at the age of 19.


Blunt - Reyna tends to say what she means and be clear about what she wants.
Distrusting - Lady Lothston tends to keep people at arms-length, at best. Most are kept farther.
Harsh - She's not a nice lady. She can be brutal, both with tongue and physically.
Mercurial - Reyna's moods are fluid. They come, they go. One moment calm and cool, the next ready to stab someone in the heart.

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An interesting child. Hopefully a useful tool.


A close friend, and Reyna's Lady-in-Waiting as well as companion. Fragile girl, delicate. Much more of a Lady than Reyna could ever hope to be.


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