Character Details
Noora Lappi
Noora Lappi as Reeda Bracken
Name: Reeda Bracken
Aliases: ???
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Bracken
Occupation: Outcast
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Feb 24 99 (22)


This Riverlander woman's house sigil is nowhere in sight, but she's as long and thin in limb as a Bracken horse. She's a hair under six feet. Many wear their height with grace, but she's more apt to keep her head down and shoulders in; make no mistake, though, withdrawing or demure are far from strong descriptors for this one. She's an assortment of ungainly limbs, kept close and ready to lash out.

She's fair-skinned and painted in freckles. This is no delicate light dusting: the gingery speckles are splashed heavy-handedly over her entire face. Where she's been singed by the sun, they're nearly as red as a blood spatter. She has a long face, a flat plane but for the small nose, strong bump of high, broad cheekbones and the pushed-forward, slightly overbitten mouth with big lips. Her eyes are forest green and narrow, each bottom lid practically a straight slash across. Her fine hair tried to be a lively red, but gave up somewhere along the way, landing indecisvely on a diluted red-tinged straw colour.

Reeda's attire's an odd bit of nobility gone wrong. Most often, there's a dull red cloth tied over her head, knotted at the back like a bandanna; as all else, it seems to serve a practical, personal purpose. Her brown dress bears well-stitched golden-yellow embroidery, but all other ornament and binding has been torn off — loosened, the edges of the white cotton layer underneath show at the front. A workman-like, pocketed leather half-apron, used to the point of looking bruised, is strapped around her waist.


A cousin or so away from the main line of House Bracken of Stone Hedge, Reeda Bracken was blessed with at birth in that she was the fifth in a line of sisters. While this meant she was yet another girl when her father was pressing for a boy, it also meant that there was already a line-up of growing noble Riverlander ladies to marry off before Reeda. After all, she took to the prospect with ambivalence. Freckles and all, the girl could have the face of a beauty, at least at some angles (and horse-like at others, bitter mouths like the Blackwoods might say), but her lack of social graces was a matter of embarrassment for her mother Marianne; at least her sisters could be preened to make up for Reeda's perceived shortcomings. By no means did this lessen her mother's harshness upon her in any other way. Small blessings, though, are still blessings.

Lady Marianne was as devout as a person could be without being dubbed Most Devout. Her devotion to the Faith of the Seven was so intense that it might as well have burned every trace of Bracken's former following of the Old Gods. There were rumours that some suspicious violent Lothston blood followed Marianne to the Brackens. Her daughters received the worst of her extremist views; her idea of motherhood seemed to be instilling fear and devotion to the Seven or paying the price. The price was "reflecting", which the children knew to be a cage fashioned out of branches, river reeds and tough vines tucked away in the forest, overlooking a stream, where they'd be placed and expected to stay no matter the weather until they'd decided to make amends for whatever deed they'd done. It was not easy living under Marianne's strict, often unpredictable rule (to which their kindlier father was not immune).

Reeda was a frequent inhabitant of the cage, often for reasons she couldn't understand well enough not to repeat offend. She preferred fishing, exploring outdoors, collecting bits and pieces of nature, practicing archery, caring for animals and, of course, riding, to the strict itinerary laid out by her mother. However, it wasn't a call to arms or, precisely, a shunning of ladylike pasttimes. She was simply out of sync with the position she'd been born to. Young Reeda was an uncommon mind: an inventor's mind, a scientist in a landscape not cut out for the knowledge she wanted to pursue. Her intelligence was often so hidden under a layer of surly refusals and short words that she was often called stupid, instead. She didn't simply accept what was in front of her; she overturned everything to see how it worked.


Budding Scientist Morbid Interests
Ostracized Sensitive Underbelly
Woman of Few Words Wealth: Hard Times

RP Hooks

Ω Medieval Science — Reeda is as close as one can get to an aspiring scientist in the world in which she lives; an experimenter and inventor of sorts, particularly focused on the biology of living things (and as a result, the dead), and is rather hands-on in her approach.

Ω Hunted By the Faith — Perhaps hunted is not the right word, but Reeda is expected at the motherhouse in Oldtown and is decidedly not there yet. The head septas were aware of her impending arrival, circumstance, and her family's plans to assure she stay in those walls and become a septa or Silent Sister.

Ω Riverlands Ties & Proud Bracken — Although Reeda is not directly on the main line of her noble family, there are a few things of note that those familiar with the Brackens may know: her mother is Lady Marianne, a Lothston turned Bracken who is notoriously extremist in her faith; Reeda's sister Jona was married to a Blackwood and went missing roughly a decade ago (some Brackens blamed the Blackwoods, though it's unlikely); and Reeda herself is rumoured to be an unfriendly woman who prefers the company of dead things over the living. So there's that.

And, although she's been cast away from her immediate family, Bracken blood still runs strong in her veins and with it the feud that's existed with the Blackwoods since long before a time in anyone's memory. She's set in her ways.

Ω Better With Animals — Reeda is currently a Bracken without a horse and will most likely linger about stables and approve of people with animals more than not.

Ω Noble In Need — She has what she brought, in way of coin, and that's it. Cut off from the comfort of her House, she will be in need of earning — within reason, and without charity.


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