Character Details
Freddie Stroma
Freddie Stroma as Redrick Flowers
Name: Redrick Flowers
Aliases: rr
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tarly
Occupation: Hunter
Rank: Bastard
Age: Mar 23 103 (17)


As if caught in the act of changing from boy to man, this teenager has the gangly look of one who has not yet fully grown into his body. his face, with its delicate mouth, closely shorn blond curls and hazel eyes is just barely saved from femininity by a wide jaw and a strong nose. The first sign of stubble, blond as wheat at harvest, is starting make itself known along the line of that jaw. He stands just under six feet in height, though his broad shoulders promise more growth to come, and his still growing-frame is taking on the lean, wiry muscle of manhood.
He is wearing a serviceable but well-worn pair of leather breeches and a pair of soft leather boots that make little noise when he walks. A jerkin of dark green rests loosely-laced over a shirt of simple grey cotton, belted at the waist.


Redrick Flowers was born in March of 103 AL to the unwed daughter of a woodcutter who lived on the forested slopes of Horn Hill. Seduced by sweet words of the then-heir to Horn Hill, Redrick's mother Marwena was convinced to open her legs for ill-conceived promises of marriage. To the Tarly-heir's credit, he did present his beloved woodsman's daughter to his parents, but his naive hopes were dashed when he was told he could abandon his romance or face disinheritance. He chose the former.

Marwena was crushed by the rejection and grew listless and withdrawn, so her baby boy, Redrick, was largely raised by his grandfather, a widower. Though there was never much money, the boy had a happy childhood, spent largely romping in the woods. From the time he was able to pull a string, his grandfather fashioned him bows and he supplemented the old man's meager earnings with wild game. Marwena died of a wasting fever in 113 AL.

Shortly after his mother's death, Redrick met a retired sellsword named Jerek Flowers. Perhaps out of understanding the loneliness of another bastard's life, he befriended Redrick and his grandfather and in exchange for wood and small game, regaled them with stories of his exploits, most of them largely invented. He also taught the young man some small bit of blade work and the basics of first aid.

When he was seventeen, the trouble with the Tarlys began.

Word of the now-lord of Horn Hill's youthful indiscretions had spread. Among other things, Redrick's parentage was never denied. More, the blood of his father was strong, visible in his features. One day, a small pack of Tarlys, largely cousins of the blood, came riding out to see him. Taunts and jibes turned to rough handling and Jerek, hoping to intercede had his arm broken by the band. The old man's injury was enough to satisfy the group's thirst for trouble and they rode off. Later that week, however, they returned. This time, it was Redrick's grandfather who was wounded, and that night, Redrick silently began to prepare for a hunting trip of his own.

It was Jarek who talked him out of it. Shooting a lord would bring nothing but trouble and of a much more severe type than Redrick would be able to handle. Jarek urged him instead to leave home, arguing that the visits would only stop when there was no bastard there for the Tarly gang to ogle. With a heavy heart, Redrick left for Oldtown in the dark of night, taking nothing more than a bow made by his grandfather, a change of clothes and a small sack of food.

He's unsure if he can make a living as a hunter around Oldtown, but if not, the city has a port and he's willing to bet he can earn passage somewhere he can. Or maybe he will learn other skills, make himself some powerful friends and carve a new life for himself in the oldest city of Westeros.

RP Hooks

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  • Curious
  • Anti-authority
  • Claustrophobic
  • Wealth: Poor

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