Character Details
Daniel Brühl
Daniel Brühl as Raymun Arryn
Name: Raymun Arryn
Aliases: My Lord
Faction: The Vale
Organization: House Arryn
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Apr 15 91 (30)


The nobleman before you stands a good 5'7" with a strong built. A broad, square jaw is set below high aristocratic cheekbones. He has a pair of brown eyes that will hint at a serious mind, and a straight mouth that will for the most part remain unsmiling. His complexion is a little bit on the pale side, usually tinted by a face of groomed beard. His hair, dark brown in color, tends to be kept short and is always well kept. It is a face that some would say is handsome, but some might claim to be too serious looking to be that. It is the face of a man with a sense of purpose and duty, that might find that purpose and duty to be most serious thing.

His body is not naturally poweful, and if let go he could go either way. Thin or thick, weak or strong. Continous upkeep keeps him trim, however, strong and lean. He clothes himself in fine materials, always chosing darker colors. If not black, then deep blue or dark gold. He almost always dresses in a style that is fit for travel or the outdoors, and is usually seen with sword and knife at his sides.


Raymun was born the second son in a smaller branch of House Arryn to the Lord Perros Arryn and the Lady Cassana of House Hightower. He is the younger brother of Harrold Arryn whom is the heir to their Holdfast and all the holdings of the family. As a second son in a minor branch, his future prospects never held much promise, and while he was much loved by his parents he was never pushed to be all that he could be as his older brother was. Some would say that it was Raymuns worship of his older brother that led him to follow in his martial footsteps, leading him to become a Squire to an ageing Knight, Ser Rodwell, who taught him that for a Knight, there was nothing more important then Honor, Duty and doing right by your men and the people you protect.

As Ser Rodwell was an old man, his death came later then anyone had expected. The old man held on to life like it was the most precious thing in the world, but upon his death he asked for his sword and his shield to pass on to his Squire, whom had throughout the years acquitted himself with honour. Raymun was Knighted and given charge to patrol the lowlands of The Vale against bandits and marauders. He would happily have seen to this Duty to the end of his days, which looked more and more likely as his brother was married and he remained without a match.

Raymun was eventually matched to the beautiful Lady Seryna of Housu Tyrell, a match that without a doubt Raymun was more pleased about then she was at the start. It is said that he has loved her from the very day he layed his eyes upon her, and does so to this day; no matter what she does, he adores her. The same is whispered about Raymuns love for his brother. No matter what he does, Raymun will always defend him, always come to his aid. In short, Raymuns sense of duty to his family is absolute. Likewise is his sense of duty for the low borne under his care, a sense of duty that has made him become much loved by the people.

RP Hooks

Of the Vale:: Raymun is of House Arryn, Rulers of the Vale and a Knight of the Vale. He has spent most of his life there, as a child.. a Squire and then a Knight protecting the Lands against raiders. If you know of The Vale, you might have heard of him.

House Hightower: Raymuns Mother was of House Hightower before she married into the House Arryn. She still lives and resides currently in The Vale. This match makes him kin to the Rulers of OldTown.

House Tyrell: Raymun is married to Seryna Tyrell, with whom he has a son. This gives Raymun a connection to the House by Marriage.

Honour Bound: Raymun is known to be bound by his honour. If he gives his word, he keeps it. For some, this can be a hinderance, but to others a source of strength. Perhaps you need the help of a Knight with such a sense of honour?


  • Anointed Knight
  • Sense of Duty
  • Naive
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Impatient
  • Loved by the People

IC Events

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Harrold Harrold
Older Brother - Harrold Arryn is Raymuns older brother. It is said that even to this day, Raymun loves his brother and will defend him of any faults he has, or any deeds he commits.
Seryna Seryna
Beloved Wife - Seryna of House Tyrell is Raymuns wife, with whom he has a son. The man loves both his Wife and his Son beyond measure, and will dote upon both as if they had no faults.


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