Character Details
Dominic Cooper
Dominic Cooper as Rayford
Name: Rayford
Aliases: Rafe
Faction: The Night's Watch
Organization: The Night's Watch
Occupation: Knight and Man of the Night's Watch
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Jun 11 93 (29)


Solidly built, dark haired, face creased by a tendency toward smiling. He favors the color black, whether it is in the hard leather of his armor or the fabric of his more day-to-day attire.


Ser Rayford's life prior to joining The Night's Watch is a bit of a mystery. He is clearly a man of the Reach, that much is obvious from his accent as well as his attitude, but little more is common knowledge. His recent life, however, is not quite so opaque. He is the protege of Lord Ian Blackwood, a recruiter for The Night's Watch, and has come south on official business. He is well-traveled within the bounds of Westeros, a knight of relatively modest means, and disposed perhaps more favorably toward the pen than the sword.

RP Hooks

Night's Watch - Crows are a rare sight in Oldtown. He stands out.
Recruiter - It's well known that the Night's Watch accepts criminals into their ranks, even men condemned to the gallows.
A Taste for Finer Things - Rafe enjoys fine Arbor wine and Dornish silks, and makes no particular secret of it.
Looking for a Few Good Men - If you have some sway in the affairs of a noble house, Rafe would like to talk to you about sending your criminal element to the Wall.


  • Words Will Never Hurt Me
  • Social Mountaineer
  • Social Spelunker, Too
  • Of Uncertain Provenance
  • Wealth: Middle Class

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Mysterious Stranger - Well, perhaps Mysterious Acquaintance now. Mysterious, at any rate, and the rest to be determined.


Lord Ian Blackwood
Mentor - Lord Ian taught Rafe to survive in courts from the Wall to the Red Mountains, and to survive the road in between as well.


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