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Chick Allan
Chick Allan as Rathulf
Name: Rathulf
Aliases: None
Faction: Moon Brothers
Organization: Mountain clans
Occupation: Chieftain
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Feb 4 87 (34)

Rathulf went mad and killed several Hill Tribesmen under a full moon before dying from a score of wounds under a blood red moon.


Rathulf is a rangy beast, a tangled black beard descends from his chin terminating just above the belt. White fissures of scar tissue run diagonally from his left temple to his right shoulder. Standing closer to seven feet than six, the Chieftain is nearly sixteen stone of craggy muscle.

Rathulf is clothed in bits of scavenged plate and the skins of dead beasts. His cuirass is fine steel stamped with the fimbriated arms of house Coldwater. One rondel is enameled sable and filigreed with gold in starburst patterns. He carries a sword at either hip, held about his waist with a mail girdle.


In the Mountains of the Moon, the witches of the Hill Tribes promulgate a tale so monstrous it seems like something penned during the Long Night. In 94 A.C., Halmar, then Chieftain of the Moon Brothers, fell upon a Shett wedding party bound for Coldwater Burn. The sisters of one coven contend that one of their number, Halmar's young lover, guided the chieftain to the Shett retinue. The battle was long and bloody, the men of Shett repulsed three charges, but the Moon Brothers were unrelenting. After Lord Shett fell, Halmar gave their women to his warriors, all save the fairest prize, Ursula Shett, the bride to be. Halmar took Ursula as his wife, though some say she was naught but the chieftain's whore. Halmar's erstwhile mistress perished from a fever five months after the slaughter of Shetts and Coldwaters. The young witch's body was not even cold when one of the coven's number, Eira Crone's Eye, told Halmar that Ursula was heavy with child.

The eldest of the witches, Eira Crone's Eye, attended Ursula throughout the following months. Throughout her maternity, the woman of Shett grew weaker by the day. Her son was born under a blood red moon in 95 A.L, that is to say, one son. The boy Rathulf was born with scars across his chest and face. If the tales are to be believed, his stillborn brother was a monstrous, twisted thing, half man, half shadowcat with an umbilical cord wrapped round his throat. The Witches say that the fiend sought to tear his brother and mother asunder and the infant Rathulf slew the beast before it could claw its way out from their mother's womb.

Eira Crone's Eye burned the monstrosity in a brazier, then wrapped his mewling, stunted brother in a scrap of roughspun wool. Then, the witch crumpled, clouded eyes rolled into the back of her head, a cascade of racking convulsions overcame the ancient Eira. "Conceived in blood, born of blood, slayer of beasts and men. The blood of the Old Rune Kings flows through his veins, he will unite the Mountain Clans, slay the Lords of Mountain and Vale, tear down their castles, and leave naught but orphans and wailing women in his wake." Eira's features contorted and froze in a rictus of euphoria and horror.

The warriors of the Moon Clans tell tales of Rathulf's exploits as a youth, by ten, he had hunted and killed mountain lions, shadowcats, harts, and rams: all the beasts of the Vale. At twelve, he killed a warrior of the Red Smiths. He led a war party at four-and-ten. At six-and-ten, he slew the Herleif son of Herleifr, then Chieftain of the Moon Brothers, in single combat. Although, little else of Rathulf's life is known. Of late, the Chieftain has kept company with the late Eira's coven. Implacable in battle, he is, by all accounts, the most charismatic and puissant Chieftain of the Hill Tribes. Rathulf is also also a solitary, inscrutable, and mercurial figure; his moods wax and wane with the cycles of the moon.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Charismatic
  • Tough
  • Superstitious
  • Pitiless

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