Rashiya of Asshai (NPC)
Nazanin Boniadi
Nazanin Boniadi as Rashiya
Name: Rashiya
Aliases: None yet
Faction: Essos
Organization: The Red Temple
Occupation: Priestess
Rank: Priestess
Age: Thirtyish


The woman known as Rashiya is a daughter of Essos, and a beauty. Tall, lithe, flawlessly olive-skinned, she appears to be no more than thirty or so; yet in that time her lips have learned an unusually knowing smile, and her almond-shaped eyes have come to hold deep reserves of warmth and compassion and intelligent understanding of human foibles. Their colour is more a red than a brown, and grows redder still when seen by the light of flames.

The fine wine-red silk of her gown flows over a figure long-limbed and generously curved, of an arresting and almost impossible grace. Her sleeves are fitted to the elbow before billowing out; her heart-shaped neckline more than hints at the inner slopes of her breasts; her skirts graze the tops of leather boots coloured a deeper red and laced far up past her slender ankles. Thick, straight, shining black hair runs down her back, untouched by silver. Around her neck is a curious collar of six-sided golden links, the middle one set with a large red gemstone which covers the hollow of her throat.


Late in the year 121 AC the people of Oldtown flooded the Red Temple in their city and extinguished its sacred flame. News of the atrocity traveled eastward and eastward again, to be weighed and debated and considered amongst the highest councils of those faithful to the Lord of Light.

To say their order has been quiescent, is by no means to imply that it is vanquished. The battle of light against shadow continues, in the Reach as elsewhere — and there has come to Oldtown a new Red Priestess, intent upon reconsecrating the fires, bringing succour to the handful of local worshippers of R'hllor, and finding delicate means of increasing their numbers.

Her other immediate task, following upon the failure of her unfortunate predecessors, is to get onto better terms with the local nobility: to consolidate the Lord of Light's foothold on these foreign shores by means of cautious diplomacy and high-profile converts… perhaps even one or two of those Targaryens, who understand already the power and the allure of flames, and who are almost as numerous in Oldtown as in the capital itself.

No wonder, then, that the Temple has sent no freshly-minted priestess, but a woman of long experience in the service of R'hllor and unimpeachable devotion to His purposes.

Her name is Rashiya.

RP Hooks

  • With her keen mind and her understanding ear, Rashiya is here to solve all your niggling little theological problems! (Hint: R'hllor is the answer.)
  • She has a particular interest in building friendly relationships with the nobility of the Reach — and with visiting dragons…


  • Devout: The Lord of Light

'Zealot' is perhaps not the kindest word, but…

  • Afraid of the Dark

The night is dark and full of terrors. Trust her on this.

  • Old Soul

Rashiya is a beautiful young woman, and yet somehow she possesses a wisdom and a gravitas which come more usually with great age (when they do at all). Then, too, she's…

  • Patient

And she behaves as though she has all the time in the world.

  • Careful Diplomat

She's good at making friends for her Lord, rather than enemies.

  • Wealth: Well Off

Faithful servants of the Lord of Light find that their needs are met in accordance with their station.

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