Character Details
Omar Borkan Al Gala
Omar Borkan Al Gala as Rashad Sand
Name: Rashad Sand
Aliases: Rashad of the Poison Tongue, Quentyn's Favorite Bastard
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: The Glutton Snake
Rank: Bastard
Age: Sep 5 93 (27)


Slender and lithe at a touch past five foot ten, Rashad has an almost haunting beauty to him. As if sculpted from the whispered ideals of what might think a handsome Dornish prince to embody, every curve of his face, smooth slope of toned of muscle, and even individual hair appears intended to draw the eye and attention of male and female alike with fastidious perfection. An elaborately maintained goatee segues into short hair swept backwards with oil, softly angular features a deep, tanned olive with vivid eyes a brilliant gold rather than what is common in Martell blood. Yet it is quite obvious he is aware of his physical advantages, permuting an attitude that nearly transcends arrogance to something new and uncharted.
He wears an obscenely elaborate ensemble. A black silk shirt with embroidered snakes in silver thread is mostly unbuttoned, flowing into a belt adorned in jewels of many shapes and sizes. Over this is a crimson and gold satin robe that flows nearly to his knees, the weaving pattern nearly a rainbow of colors depending on how the light strikes it. Fingers are heavily adorned in various rings of many different metals, flowing pants the light tan of the desert with coiling stitchwork of vipers with fangs bared. A circlet of soft red gold woven with burnished copper pins down fine crimson cloth, hanging down the back of his neck and covering much of his headhair, perhaps useful within the heat of Dorne but only causing him to further stand out elsewhere.
A number of pouches dangle from his belts, with slender blades sheathed in nearly every available inch. The narrow, piercing sword of a bravos hangs at a hip, hilt that of a hooded viper with fangs forming the pommel within a sheath of dusky snakeskin.


Although Quentyn Nymeros Martell has had countless lovers in countless lands, Rashad somewhat stands out as the 'favored' bastard; for some unknown reason, he has been treated to the wealth and privalege of a true Prince despite his technical place in society indicating he should be lower. He has been given an almost infinite leash by his father's hand, despite almost never seeing him in person, and Quentyn going out of his way to avoid speaking about this particular son. Raised spoiled rotten and given all that he desired, he took full advantage of such and the blessings of his birthright; incredibly attractive and wickedly intelligent, these gifts were almost entirely wasted due to a preference for leisure and excess. If he is a master of anything, it is the manipulation of psychology and the art of lying.

The reason for his higher place is unknown, but if one went by the unreliable whispers of Rashad himself, his mother is someone 'very important'. Sometimes he claims he is truly a Martell Prince of high station and pure blood, while other times he claims to be the offspring of some Great Noble Lady, hidden away. Although he could have been a brilliant strategist, a grand fighter, or anything between, he instead wasted his talents on seduction, gluttony, and the endless pursuits of a sensate. His self-entitled arrogance would be far more endured if it was from ignorance; yet he wields it with the mastery of a blade, and seems to enjoy riling up others, fermenting discord and watching how the pieces play. Rarely found without a few whores of whichever gender might be handy, at 18 he tired of exploring Dorne and Westeros, and set out to see the Free Cities.

He became incredibly fond of Tyrosh in particular, but would travel far and wide, with an escort of master bladesmen and sufficient coin to allow him to experience what he pleased. Many believe he was sent on this trip to get him out of the way, although such temporary measures could not last forever. It earned him the moniker of the Glutton Snake, always on the search for new foods, new drinks, and new women; certainly taking after his father in that regard. He even spent time in the Slaver's Bay. He is most famed for taking a long trip to Asshai, and the Shadow Lands beyond. When he returned, something changed in the man.

Whatever event happened, he became incredibly blase, becoming almost slothlike in his interactions for some years in the aftermath. Apparently on little more than a whim, he decided to make his way to Oldtown, on the extremely dubious claim of being an 'Ambassador'. Anyone who truly knows the Glutton Snake would be aware this bodes nothing positive for the Dorne… he has seemed to have a taste for sowing chaos with his silver tongue and deception, taking his personal amusement to a dangerous level as his games have the potential to shake the very alliances of the Kingdoms and his people…

RP Hooks

  • Seen Things: Rashad has been to every inch of the Free Cities, much of Westeros, and even the lands beyond Asshai. There is little he has not seen or heard of.
  • Suspicious: Nobody is really sure what Rashad's deal is. It's obvious he does this on purpose.
  • Oddly Favored: Rashad is treated to a level of wealth, power, and independence that some trueborn heirs of Dorne might envy. The reason for Quentyn's indulgences is not publicly known, and he changes his story every time he's asked.
  • Glutton: Easily tempted with something delicious and new.
  • Gambler: Thoroughly addicted and knowing a hundred games of chance. Beware, though. He's deathly good at it.


  • Devilishly Handsome
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Silver Tongue
  • Blase
  • Gadfly
  • Infamous: Unknown Mother

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