The Blackrood
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy as Quillian Oakheart
Name: Quillian Oakheart
Aliases: The Blackrood, Quillian, Quill
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Major Noble Lord
Age: 28

Quill stands just above 6 feet 4 inches tall, with dark hair that might be curly if it were allowed to grow long enough. As it is, he keeps it a cropped mass of wiry waves that is notoriously unruly. The beard that darkens his jaw is the same shade, and has been let to grow thick and bushy. His features are angular and rugged, his eyes a deep blue. They frame a nose that might be too long were it not slightly crooked, evidence of a breaking or two. Mouth is wide as well, but full lips even it off. His skin is naturally fair, but tanned by long hours outdoors, and in places scarred, most notably just beside and below his right eye, where a pale line cuts diagonally, disrupting the natural wrinkles caused when he smiles or frowns. Long arms and legs are corded and thickened with well-defined musculature, and from the breadth of his shoulders it can be assumed that the rest of him is as well. Still, he has not the ungainly look that some big men do; while his form is solidly muscular, he moves with the fluid grace and quickness of a well-trained warrior.

He is dressed finely, as is befit a lord and knight of the Reach. A black leather, long sleeved, jack is worn over a collared shirt of grey which peeks from the collar of his jack. The jack itself is kept closed by three buckles at the chest, and has slits cut under the arms to give the knight manueverability. The flaps of the jack end just above his knees, where a glimpse of deep forrest green trousers can be caught before they disappear down into and blouse out from black boots, befitting of a knight. About his waist a thick belt is worn, where a sword hangs in it's sheathe. It's plain hilt offset by the shine of the pommel. Also hanging from this arming belt is a rather big knife, kept within it's sheathe.

Over his shoulders a cloak of green, matching the trousers, is worn and falls to the back of his knees. This is clasped by three oak leaves in silver.


Much can and has been said about Quillian Oakheart, and none of it of the most kindest effects. He is the third son to the current Lord of Old Oak, and his wife,a Tyrell- first cousin of the current Lord. Because of this tie to Paramount family, Quill was able to squire under A Ser Jon Tyrell, and it was considered a fine honor for a third son to enter into. He was knighted at the age of nineteen. From his family he had the means to pay, and by years of service to knight-though his exemplary note came when aiding his knight during a tournament. A small feat, but it was enough to nab this honor.

After his time with the Tyrells he returned home to Old Oak to serve under his Father as an Outrider and knight of his Company. is main claim to some notoriety and popularity was how he would fare within the tournaments-mainly in the grand melees. Though, never a winner, the young Quillian had a reputation of being fierce and skilled with a blade, and was something to watch in duels, or in his own defense of the King of the Hill event. However, what little fame he earned in the Seven Kingdoms would be marred by his own actions in the Dornish Marches.

Like all Oakhearts, Quill and his elder brother Dannel (2nd eldest) went to face the Dornishmen in the name of House Tyrell in the marches after some rather vicious raids. The boys did as their father, and his before him. They killed Dornishmen and fought hard battles-partook in raids and defended Reach settlements. During this time, Dannel would be killed in one particular vicious retaliatory raid by the Dornishmen. With Tensions high and emotions raw, Ser Quillian, quickly gathered the Oakheart troops and other reachmen in the vicinity and rode back to return the favor.

And Did he.

Quillian's actions were beyond cruel. He spared no man, and no boy child in his raids into Dornish land. He left small villages smoldering, and many orphans. The Blackmonts responded By sending an acomplished Knight and Lord, Ser Lyndon Blackmont and a host to stop the Reach raid from burning up further resources in in the Marches. When both sides met a fevered battle took place in which Ser Lyndon and his son were both killed, by Ser Quill. Both sides took heavy losses and pulled back-though Ser Lyndon's head and his son's body were taken back by the Westerosi in their retreat.

A quick peace was signed and signaled with High Garden and the Blackmonts and their vassals. Part of the deal, had the body of Lord Blackmont's nephew returned, and a marriage was signed in order to keep the raids from happening for a time and bring some relative peace to the area. That marriage though was to pay for Lord Oakheart's son. A daughter of the slain knight was given to Quillian.

Upon his return from that front his father chastised him in front of his newly and forcefully married bride, calling him a Blackrood for his own conduct in the marches. Blackrood being slang for a black or dead root. Quillian in his anger and still recovering his grief draped the moniker on his shoulders and has been known since.

Furthermore to celebrate this, he had the skull of Ser Lyndon turned into a chalice to drink from-though it is rare that it makes appearances.

As time has healed the wound of the raids in the Marches, House Tyrell has called upon the knight's services again. This time securing him under their banner in retinue to the House's representation in Oldtown. It is here that he serves, as an entertaining guest-with his wife, and more over as a knight that is loyal to his Liege-and will likely aid in any task. No matter how honorable.

RP Hooks

Blackrood Quillian is notorious for his raids in Dorne and murder of the former Lord and Heir of House Blackmont during the recent Dornish wars. It was here he earned his nickname and boogeyman status in the country. he and his outriders were known to have burnt their way through several villages and outposts. He did however spare women and children. Those male children deemed old enough to wield a weapon though were put to the sword.
Interesting Cutlery Quillian is rumored to have a 'trophy' room in which skulls and other various bones of his dead foes are kept. The skulls have almost all been turned into drinking bowls or chalices. This comes from the known fact that Quillian did have his former father in law as a drinking bowl-which made the rounds at parties

Recent History

The Sword of Twilight Recently, Quillian fell Ser Osric Dayne the Sword of the Morning, in a Trial of the Seven. Quillian was part of the Lords Errant, who stood accused of massacring members of House Blackmont at Red Rookery. This was done as a response for the Massacre of Wickham's Nest which belonged to House Cockshaw
Threat Realized Quillian was arrested by House Targaryen for challenging Prince Ryzael Targaryen to a duel over the insult and threat of his sister, Lady Johanna Oakheart. He was released by Ser Brynden Hightower after the charges were looked over and case appealed.
The Blackrood and the Prince of Ashes In a fight, that was completely Epic and worthy of tale, Quillian soundly defeated Prince Maelys in the duel over the insult and threat that was given to Johanna. Those watching have said it was as if watching two titans crash into one another.


  • Veteran Knight
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Infamous: No mercy to Dorne
  • Black reputation
  • left handed
  • Dornish Wife




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