Character Details
Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh as Prospero Storm
Name: Prospero Storm
Aliases: The Oncoming Storm
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Caron
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Bastard
Age: Feb 22 72 (49)

Prospero has returned to Nightsong to help defend his home against Dornish raids.


Broad shouldered and solid, Prospero's physical build is like that of a rock in the sea; weathered, but strong and still standing. Grey-blue eyes are set in a face carved of hard planes, time and cares rubbing away the glow of youth and etching rough lines into his face. Stubble covers the boxy line of his jaw, speckled with grey that is most prominent in his full mustache. Likewise, his auburn hair is fading and going grey. Most often he wears a mix of leathers and armor, nothing as fancy as a noble might wear, but all of it well made and well worn.


To be born a bastard is not a terribly auspicious beginning to ones life. Perhaps his mother sought to give him more luck in his future than his humble upbringing could provide in naming him Prospero—a name, it has been said, that is ostentatious for the bastard son of a comfort woman. The favored prostitute of the young heir to house Caron, his mother was made a reasonably comfortable living for her situation. Prospero was not the only bastard to be born to the pair, just the first, the Young Lord Caron suffering rumors of having rather Dornish attitudes towards family until he was finally married and had proper heirs.

In fact, it wasnt until his father had heirs to House Caron that he acknowledged Prospero as his own. Until then, the lad grew up among the peasants, farmers and less-than-savory folk of Nightsong, the seat of House Caron, in the southern Stormlands and the Dornish Marches. Acknowledged, he had more opportunities, finding a knight who would take him as a squire. Through adolescence and into young adulthood he followed his knight around, a solid, if somewhat casual, presence. Though he was no quick study, he was strong and determined, to the point of being single-minded when focused, and would earn his spurs after years on the tournament circuit and helping his knight with odd jobs where they traveled.

As a knight Prospero returned to Nightsong to serve House Caron, often sent where military force was needed. So close to Dorne, hes ended up fighting them as often as he has worked with them over his many years in the Stormlands and nearby. It was seeing him fight, this easy-going knight who could unleash brutal violence in battle, that made people speak of the calm before the storm and ultimately coined him the nickname The Oncoming Storm. From his knight he learned the fundamentals of tracking and hunting, but it was in the wilds around Nightsong that he found a passion for falconry, for training and hunting with a bird required a greater patience and finesse than the tactics of violence he'd learned before.

His presence sometimes made for nervous rumors of a plot to succeed as true heir despite him never showing any interest, or indeed, even any deception in character. Such unfounded talk quieted down when he married a merchant's daughter and started a family of his own, though it would never completely end until his father died and his half-brother succeeded him as Lord Caron. Many years can pass serving as a knight to a House and watching your family grow and many years did, until his children had become adults and began having children of their own. As his wife recently passed away after a few years of waivering health, the hardened knight finds himself restless and in need of distractions.

RP Hooks

  • The Oncoming Storm is considered 'the most interesting man in Westeros' by some and a lot of rumors have cropped up around him, ranging from the true to the outlandish.
  • Enjoys a good hunt and practices falconry.
  • Drinks alcohol like most people do water. Can often be found in a tavern.
  • Recently participated in the Trial of the Seven, prevailing over the Dornish Accusers with the Lords Errant of the Reach.


  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Famous: The Oncoming Storm
  • Done It All
  • Everyone's Drunk Uncle
  • Bastard Born

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  • Bastards in the Stormlands aren't called 'Storm,' they're actually all Ser Prospero Storm's children!
  • Ser Prospero Storm can speak High Valyrian in Trade Tongue!
  • When Ser Prospero Storm prays to the Seven, the Stranger comes up to introduce himself.
  • Winter only comes every few years because it has to ask SER PROSPERO STORM permission first!
  • The Wall was built to protect the wildlings and grumkins and snarks from SER PROSPERO STORM.
  • The words of House Stark used to be 'Prospero Storm is coming' but now they're too scared to utter his name.
  • Ser Prospero Storm rescued the King once. He still sends ravens hoping to get together for a joust or something. The King, that is. Prospero never sends ravens.
  • Prospero Storm isn't named after the Stormlands, the Stormlands are named after him. So are storms.
  • Nymeria of Dorne was merely a figment of Prospero Storm's imagination.
  • Prospero Storm does not always drink ale, but when he does, he drinks 'Two Sandsteeds' Brewery.
  • When Prospero Storm drinks, Lord Pansy can't afford to pay.
  • The last time he flirted with danger, danger got clingy.


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