There are things going on. There are minor plots that may last for a few days, others that may go on for months, and one that is meant to continue for some years and culminate with the war known as the Dance of the Dragons, if our MUSH should last so long. The small plots are very likely to be intertwined with the big ones.


I, Gashlycrumb, try to run public GMed events every so often. Players also run them regularly.

However, Game of Bones' storyline is designed such that social RP is imperative. You must talk to other characters to find out what is going on. If characters are uncommunicative, important points may never reach the right ears, and two and two may never be put together. This is not a game where you can show up for GM-run events and never RP outside of them and still expect to be in the thick of things.

The frequency of events relating to each storyline reflects this: players need to have time to RP about what happened, distribute information, and plan their courses of action.

Speaking of courses of action, use the +request system to pursue plot hooks. The actions of player characters are building the story. You have a great deal of influence as to what happens. Also, I am invested in the idea that your PC's actions matter and if you try to do something clever and interesting, it should work, or at least result in RP that's interesting. If I wanted to write a novel, I'd do that. This is a role-playing game, and is meant to allow the PCs to be driving forces in the plot, not mere observers.

Player Run Plots

Player-run plots are very welcome. To do one, you'll need to run an outline of the plot past Gashlycrumb first. This allows Gashlycrumb to make sure it doesn't conflict with other ongoing stories and to give you support for any parts that will need it. It also means that when players +request about your plot, Gashlycrumb has a clue about how to handle those +requests and doesn't become confused and irritated. For simple plots, a +request will do. If it's a complex story, the solution-of-choice is to write it up as a google doc and share it with moc.elgoog|bogbmurcylhsag#moc.elgoog|bogbmurcylhsag. +request to send a heads-up that it's been shared. Don't start your plot until you get the word to roll it.

If you want to run a simple event, you may not need to discuss it at all, depending on what it's about. You want to go hunting and encounter a dangerous bear? No need to ask. Get married? No need to ask. Some things, however, Gashlycrumb needs to know about — You want your character to be hunted by bandits who attack him in the street? Sounds great, but you'd better clear the details a bit first. If you're not sure, ask. Don't be shy — saying "yes" to as much interesting stuff as possible is a policy here. The idea isn't to shoot you down, but to offer support and keep some consistency in the story and setting.

Just paging with Gashlycrumb about your plot is a good way to get feedback, but your plan won't be considered solid 'til it's in a +request or a google doc and you've actually got the word to roll. The Plots +bb board is for casting calls and for asking players to run plots for you, and plots discussed there but not +requested or google doc'd are not considered solid yet either.

Plot Pages

To create a new Plot page:

  • Choose a name for your Plot.
  • Fill out the fields as shown below.
  • The new Plot will automatically be linked to the plots page and have a "plot" tag.
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