Wickham's Nest
Plot Details for Wickham's Nest
Summary: A massacre in Cockshaw lands sparks border tensions and a burgeoning new feud between Dorne and the Reach.
Run by: Abram

Getting Involved

  • If you are Dornish, life in Oldtown has gotten rather uncomfortable.
  • Fighting types are welcome to have friends or relatives killed in the border skirmishes if they want a reason for revenge.
  • Diplomatic types in Oldtown are much needed to help defuse the escalating tensions as neither Tyrell, Targaryen or Martell seem to want a war, but political conflict is escalating sharply.
  • Sellswords are being sought by both sides.
  • Common types can be affected in numerous ways by the unrest and near-riots that have occurred.
  • Criminal types can use the unrest for any number of sinister opportunities: want to murder a rival or rob his business? Spark a riot and use it as cover.

Page or @mail Abram with any questions and join the tragedy. =)

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