Lady Tarbeck's League
Plot Details for Lady Tarbeck's League
Summary: The upstart Valelady, Ondine, has arrived in Oldtown looking for swords to secure her rocky regency over the third greatest domain in the west, the Tarbeck lands. The result may be as much trouble in the north of the Reach as has lately simmered on its southern borders…
Run by: Ondine

Getting Involved

- Lady Tarbeck, with her Reyne allies, faces down Crakehalls, Swyfts, Kayces, Presters, Serretts and Lyddens - all the great western bannermen south of Casterly Rock. However, she holds so many hostages that her enemies are hesitant. She seeks further allies among the nobility of the Reach. House Lannister, overlord of the west, has yet to show where its sympathies lie.

- Northerly Reach Houses - especially Rowan, Oakheart, the lords of the Shield Islands and the Tyrells of Highgarden themselves - may find their lands affected by the chaos to their north, and eager to intervene to stop the fighting, one way or another.

- Combat characters may enlist with Lady Tarbeck, sign on for one reason or another with her foes, or form a neutral force to restore peace to the Westerlands.

- Political and noble characters may work to assist, or undermine, Lady Tarbeck's efforts to marry off herself and/or her step-son, the rightful, four-year-old Lord Tarbeck. Lannister, Tyrell, and Hightower characters, in particular, could have a major influence in shaping the attitudes to the situation of their mighty Houses.

- More war will hurt trade and threaten ordinary life once more, to the annoyance of law-abiding commoners. For more roguish characters, the possibilities are numerous. Perhaps you'd like to kidnap one of Lady Tarbeck's many wards - or even Lord Tarbeck himself - and hold them for ransom?

- The general idea is for plenty of RP in Oldtown building up fairly slowly, over a long period, towards a big IC trip to the Westerlands.

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