Festival Of Chivalry
Plot Details for Festival of Chivalry
Summary: Every seven years, a month-long period of questing occupies the Reach, ending in a celebration of chivalry at its finest.
Run by: Abram


An ancient custom of the Reach is observed; a festival glorifying knighthood and great deeds occurs only once every seven years, beginning at Midsummer and inspiring rivalries and knightly competition to earn acclaim as the finest example of chivalry. Noble houses vie with one another for glory, with the victor earning the right of precedence over all others for seven days.

Questing from Thursday, June 19th through Saturday, July 19th.
Concluding Festival from July 20th through July 26th

The Custom

For hundreds of years, this contest has taken place, in which knights ride abroad doing great deeds. Some challenge all comers at a bridge to jousting, others seek to slay a terrible beast, or to recover some legendary treasure. All folk- by tradition even royalty- defer in precedence to the victor, bowing to the highest displays of valor for the seven day festival which concludes the contest. Players will have one month in which to earn renown, with rules for valid deeds outlined below. It is a popular habit for knights to disguise themselves for the month of questing, so that reputation earned in years past does not influence the judges.
At the end of the allotted time, the victor will be chosen and the festival will take place over the course of seven days of holiday and feasting. Since the four weeks of questing tend to necessitate travel for lengthy periods, it is common for knights to bring ladies, children, and friends along with them as an entourage for their quest. Knights who are close friends or brothers will often quest together, either sharing the glory, or dueling each other at the end of the month for bragging rights.


1: Only contested deeds will be considered. Narrated accomplishments without +combat or opposed rolls will not be considered. Jousts and challenges must be conducted in +combat.
2: A player may not run a +combat for their own character.
3: Not all deeds must be martial, but those have traditionally been weighed most heavily by the knighthood-obsessed nobles of the Reach.
4: +combats and Quest rolls must be run or observed by a Plot Assistant (Abram, Laurent, Quillian, Kevyn).
5: A player may attempt a single Featured Quest once per week, some of which require a successful +roll to begin. A failed +roll means the week is spent in fruitless search.

A player may always fight another PC, regardless of being occupied with a Featured Quest. Featured Quests listed below require that a player devote an entire week to the undertaking, regardless of success (Though again, they may always encounter another PC).

Featured Quests

NOTE: Players are not limited to the Quests below and are encouraged to come up with their own adventures and run them past Plot Assistants.

Pass of Arms (Availability: infinite) A knight chooses a road or bridge, pitches his pavilion and hangs his shield, challenging all passing knights to a joust until they are defeated or injured too badly to continue. This can take place for days or even weeks in a row. The degree of success is determined by the number of contests won or drawn. If a character is conducting a pass of arms, they may not visit the pass of another knight.
Opponents: unlimited PCs, one NPC knight per day.

Robber Knight (Availability: 1, once defeated, no longer available) A disguised knight preying upon the wealth of those noble processions travelling during the festival season. Once revealed, he is a brigand whose defeat will enhance the glory of their opponent. Will target the richest procession (or target a PC already heavily wounded in another challenge). Unless this Knight seeks out a particular opponent, a Good Success on a Tracking roll is needed to find the Knight.
Opponent: Unknown knight

The Green Knight (Availability: 1, repeatable) A fixture of the Festivals, this knight is a disguise adopted for the month of questing. Lord Lorant chooses the most capable jouster in all the Reach and sends them forth in the guise of Garth Greenhand. Accompanied by several squires and heralds who are knowledgeable of all the notable knights of the Realm, the Green Knight will taunt and mock his foes mercilessly, but will refuse to continue a fight on foot once he or his foe is overthrown. Unless the Green Knight seeks out a particular opponent, a Good Success on a Tracking roll is needed to find the Knight.
Opponent: Green Knight

Questing Beast (Availability: 1, once defeated, no longer available) A fantastic monster, said to have the head and neck of a great snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion, and the feet of a hart (deer). This monster famously emerges every seven years, coinciding with the Festival of Chivalry. The beast requires a great success on a hunting roll to locate, and then requires a +combat to defeat.
Opponent: Questing Beast

Seeking a Hermit (Availability: once per PC) Seeking the guidance of a holy hermit- once a knight who has set aside sword and lance in favor of an aesthetic life closer to the Gods- can grant a PC a free luck point toward the +roll to complete a subsequent quest. If a Player forgoes +rolling for one week in order to seek out a hermit, the next week they may add a free +5 modifier to their roll.

The Sword of Garth Greenhand (Availability 1*) A popular subject of questing is to recover the long lost sword of Garth Greenhand (if it still exists). Unscrupulous knights may produce a forgery and invent a story of valor, but this has failed in decades past and ruined the reputation of the offending knight. The weapon is supposedly tied to the last resting place of the last King of the Reach, Mern IX, whose final gravesite is unknown. If this item exists, it will require a History skill check of unknown difficulty.

Dragon Slaying (Availability: 1) There is a dragon in the hills outside of Oldtown. Ever since the arrival of the beasts in Westeros, slaying a wild dragon has been viewed at the highest act of valor (although it has never yet happened, and led to the deaths of many errant knights). Should a knight slay a dragon, victory and glory are assured.
Opponent: Fucking Dragon

Trial of Wits (Repeatable once per day, until the maesters are out of riddles) The maesters of the Citadel have joined in the questing over the years, traditionally choosing a gate of Oldtown and refusing passage in or out to all knights, unless they can answer a riddle. This marks one of the rare instances when knights have accepted being turned back by commoners. The PC must be in Oldtown for this challenge, which will preclude other Featured Quests for that week.

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