Bloody Waters
Plot Details for Bloody Waters
Summary: Unsafe shipping lanes on the West Coast of Westeros plague the realm. The perpetrators remain a mystery, but a troubling one.
Run by: Riderch

Getting Involved

Several troubling incidents have occurred on the west coast of Westeros in recent months:Rumors and tall tales spread as they do, especially amongst the superstitious, idle, and credulous, and they've gotten even as far as Oldtown.

Three months prior, a carrack sailing from Lannisport called "The Queen of Masks" set sail along the Sunset Sea, bound for Oldtown. It was a merchant vessel and bore a full compliment of sailors, guards, trade goods and provisions. It never arrived.

In a weird turn of events, the ship was just discovered having gone completely the wrong way along Ironman's Bay just off the coast of Seagard.

Suspicions of mutiny and piracy have been momentarily shelved as the ship was adrift and completely devoid of crew and its cargo was not disturbed or looted in any way (this was verified by checking the manifests). Not a soul was aboard, there were no signs of bloodshed, conflict, or disease. The only living soul aboard was the ship's cat which had made do on what vermin were found aboard and it look like food was left out in the manner of the crew taking their meals.

That's right — by all accounts they vanished without a trace. Strange things are afoot and some of the smallfolk are talking of angry ghosts of the sea.

Incident 2

A great trading expedition that was bound to Oldtown, also from Seagard in House Mallister's lands was bound for Oldtown a number of weeks after The Queen of Masks that ship was found. These ships were loaded with trade goods from several houses: Piper, Blackwood, Terrick, even Bracken and of course House Mallister who had cooperated in this venture. The shipment never arrived and it's presumed these ships had vanished without a trace.

On 5/12, The Everfull Cup, a merchant ship carrying cargo and men under the banner of House Costayne was discovered by a visiting ship titled the Fledgling sailing under the the banners of House Mallister on an idle cruise, a few hours out of Oldtown. Trouble was indicated by the presence of circling crows seeking to feed upon the dead above it.

Upon boarding, the men of the Fledgling discovered the entire crew, mostly sailors with a few guards murdered outright and left for dead. Some stores were rifled through and some things were taken but the majority of the cargo was left aboard the ship. There was one survivor, a 12 year old commoner cabin boy whose (non-noble) father was captain of the ship who was found hiding in a storage compartment, and mad with fear. He was quickly calmed down by the knights who boarded and due to his (understandable) fear of armed men, was eventually placed into the care of Princess Elionys Targaryen who was a passenger aboard the Fledgling at the time.

Questioning of the cabin boy has been a delicate process, but he seems to respond better to maids than men, and stated that his name is "Pate." And they were two days out of a Costayne port bound for Blackcrown when armed men sailing under a plain red flag attacked, boarding and butchering the crew of about two dozen. No survivors, and none of them seemed to have been left behind for identification. The boy claims that some of the men carried shields painted a solid, blood-red color but weren't saying anything other than screamed battle cries.

One other thing is of note. In several places on the deck and inside the ship, what looks like a sigil of some kind was painted in blood in several places on the deck, and within the hull's interior walls. The sigil looks like this: (OOC note: those that have familiarity with Valyrian writing might, on a successful check, recognize it as something that LOOKS like it could be Valyrian. It's not, though). The ship has been impounded and its further fate pending.

Word has trickled out from the coastal holdings of House Hightower, and particularly the Costayne lands, about raiders burning up the countryside. According to fortunate survivors, the men sport no sigils, instead they have been noted to carry shields that have been 'painted' blood red. These Bloodshields take nothing of value, save food and pragmatic supplies. They've given no quarter, so it rules out slavers and those survivors which have made it to Three Towers state they only got by, by either luck or escaping by the skin of their teeth. The Costaynes, have sent men out in search of these raiders, but so far each search has proven unsuccessful, giving more credence to this being a coastal problem.

House Costayne has sent to the Hightower for help, but so far have only been met by the all too familiar silence of House Hightower, lately.

Another puzzling question, is how did these men sneak by the Redwyne fleet and shield Islands without detection. What is certain, is that fear grips the coast, and House Costayne is stretching itself trying to defend its ships and its people. Alone.

So far these events have not been formally connected, but this sort of trouble is uncommon and speculation is rampant.
At this time, the issue has been brought to House Hightower who is investigating with the Citadel who is coming up with ideas of who could have done such a thing.

People that can get involved in this plot?

  • Knights and Warriors of all types who might have a reason to lend aid to Hightower and Costayne's cause once the pirates are tracked
  • Citadel PCs are especially needed to investigate the mystery of this thing
  • Anyone in Costayne lands or ties to the surrounding area, or PCs with connections to the Riverlands, or any sort of mariner who sails the west coast can be quickly brought in.

Other city and underworld dwellers may be brought in depending on how things pan out! This is a slow-burner and a slow-mover for a number of reasons, so don't worry if things don't happen right away. Contact Riderch for more hooks!

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